Our Mission, Vision & Values

    The success and continued growth of Beatitudes Campus is a direct reflection of the organization’s strong commitment to our Mission and Vision and the Values that guide us. These values are one of the many qualities that sets us apart from ordinary retirement homes.

    Our Mission

    The Beatitudes Campus is a faith-based community offering a wide spectrum of services for older people. Our heritage of Christian hospitality calls us to welcome people of all faith traditions and commits us to a model of wellness that promotes soundness of mind, spirit and body.

    Our Vision

    The Beatitudes Campus is a center of excellence and a leader in the field of aging services. Our model of service balances the art and science of caring, and focuses on living rather than aging.

    Our Promise

    Beatitudes Campus is a not-for-profit ministry of Church of the Beatitudes, a United Church of Christ congregation. Our heritage of Christian hospitality calls us to welcome all people. This includes outreach to Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other faiths, as well as those with no connection to a faith community. We value the diversity of all – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation. Core values of compassion, respect, accountability and excellence drive every aspect of our community, and are what have made Beatitudes Campus a strong and respected leader in Phoenix retirement home living for 50 years.

    Our Values

    • Compassion: We uphold each other through the broad range of physical, emotional, spiritual, and ethical challenges that are part of the human experience.
    • Accountability: We accept responsibility for the broad array of resources, human as well as financial, that we control; we commit ourselves to using them responsibly.
    • Respect: We affirm the inherent dignity of all persons, striving always to honor the needs, talents, and hopes of the individuals we serve.
    • Excellence: We commit ourselves to curiosity, innovation, research, and evidence based practice and to leadership in the field of aging services.

    Our Board of Directors


    • Mike Scheurich, Chair
    • Mark Nesvig, Chair-Elect
    • Andres Contreras, Treasurer
    • Erica Boehle, Secretary


    • Susan Cordts, Community Member
    • David Davies, Church of the Beatitudes Member
    • Chuck Ditsch, Church of the Beatitudes Member
    • Jack Eberenz, Church of the Beatitudes Member
    • Terry Fenzl, Church of the Beatitudes Member
    • Jim Green, Community Member
    • Dan Hinkson, Community Member
    • Barbara Hoffnagle, Community Member
    • Lee Hofmann, Church of the Beatitudes Member
    • Mary Kurth, Community Member
    • Marcia Lee, Church of the Beatitudes Member
    • Felecia Rotellini, Community Member


    • Lowell Bailey,  Beatitudes Campus Auxiliary President
    • Michelle Just, Beatitudes Campus President & CEO
    • Herman Orcutt, Community Member
    • Herb Komnick, Beatitudes Campus Residents Council President
    • Neil Ward, Church of the Beatitudes Member

    Our Senior Staff


    • Tena Alonzo, Director of Research, Comfort Matters
    • Rod Bailey, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
    • Tara Bethell, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Risk Management
    • Allen Bloch, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
    • Valerie Cantrell, Executive Assistant
    • Cammy Clevenger, Controller
    • Ivan Hilton, Director of Business Development, Comfort Matters
    • Michelle Just, President & Chief Executive Officer
    • Cheryl Knupp, Senior Vice President, Health Services
    • Scott Mardian, Senior Vice President, Redevelopment
    • David Ragan, Senior Vice President, Resident Services
    • Rev. Peggy Roberts, Senior Vice President, Spiritual Life
    • Barbara Wood, Director of Development