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Instead of keeping up with the Joneses, creative and innovative retirement communities like Beatitudes Campus focus on keeping up with the Seniors — adapting to their evolving needs and active lifestyles.

Today’s seniors prefer more flexibility, choices and opportunities so they can remain independent and stay engaged in their communities. In this blog, we highlight some innovative approaches and senior living amenities that are helping redefine retirement living — from dining and technology to wellness and personalized care.

Feast Your Senses on Diverse Dining Options

Dining is essential to a vibrant and active lifestyle. It should be a pleasurable and social experience, catering to unique preferences. That’s why communities like ours offer an extensive range of culinary experiences, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and themed gatherings to meet the diverse tastes of residents.

Beatitudes Campus boasts two full-service restaurants with distinct settings and menus. From farm-to-table options and ethnic cuisines featuring fresh, nutritious meals, we satisfy every palate and dietary need. In addition to traditional dining, we offer casual and grab-and-go options. For a more relaxed and informal dining experience, residents can visit our bistro, a cozy space showcasing local artists’ work.

Additionally, our community has a cocktail bar, perfect for unwinding with friends and neighbors and a coffee shop serving morning pick-me-ups or afternoon sweet treats. Busy residents can also take their meals to-go so they can enjoy them while participating in our many activities.

Increased Technology Integration

Staying connected and engaged is more important to older adults than ever, and they expect technology to be integrated into their daily lives. Beatitudes Campus helps meet the needs of tech-savvy residents by ensuring they have the tools and resources to stay connected with family and friends, access online resources, and participate in virtual events and activities.

This includes Wi-Fi access in common areas, a library with computers for residents, and community spaces dedicated to entertainment and technology, with large-screen TVs, video games and other amenities for fun and interactive experiences.

We provide independent seniors with greater control and convenience in their living spaces through open floor plans, built-in office areas, easy-to-access electrical outlets for charging devices and tech support services. Some gadget-loving residents also install smart thermostats, devices and lighting in their residences. And, our personal emergency response systems allow residents to quickly call for help if they need it.

More Emphasis on Fitness and Social Activities

Senior living communities today prioritize health and wellness to meet residents’ preferences for staying active and engaged. Beatitudes Campus residents enjoy a fully equipped fitness center, heated swimming pool and hot tub, and a studio for exercise programs and classes. Other amenities include a putting green, bocce ball court, walking paths, community garden, outdoor games and places to hang out with furry friends.

There’s always something to do and discover, ensuring residents grow and have new experiences such as:

  • Unleashing their creativity and artistic flair in our high-tech art studio and woodworking shop.
  • Joining in some friendly competition with trivia or Bingo.
  • Finding peace and solace in our spiritual services.
  • Engaging their minds through our lifelong learning classes with a range of fascinating topics, from astronomy and architecture to history and foreign languages.

And thanks to on-site services and amenities such as campus transportation, a bank, convenience market and gift shop, and beauty and barber salons, residents can easily participate in clubs, events and activities to satisfy their diverse interests.

Personalized Care and Services to Maintain Independence

Senior living communities have moved away from a one-size-fits-all approach. Now the focus is on providing customized care to meet residents’ unique needs, including independent living, assisted living, rehabilitative therapies, skilled nursing care and memory support.

At Beatitudes Campus, we also empower residents to maintain their independence by bringing them innovative in-home care services. With our Be at Home program, residents receive exceptional senior care, personalized support and helpful services from the comfort of home.

Come for a Tour and Let Us Treat You to Lunch

We’re eager to show you how Beatitudes Campus enhances residents’ lives with top-notch amenities, engaging activities, exceptional care and personalized services. Join us for a delicious lunch and experience firsthand how our vibrant community prioritizes resident well-being and happiness by keeping up with their changing needs and active lifestyles. Contact us today!

Are you confident about your retirement nest egg, or do you doubt whether you’ve saved enough to cover the costs of senior living and support your retirement lifestyle? Either way, savvy seniors know the importance of assessing their finances.

Financial Literacy Month is an ideal time to take a closer look at your fiscal affairs, including health insurance coverage and care, Social Security benefits, long-term care, estate planning, investment strategies, pensions and retirement savings accounts.

Understand the costs that come with retirement

Taking stock of your financial situation will help you develop a budget that considers income and expenses and help you set future retirement goals that align with the vibrant lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Retirement is a time for discovering new passions and adventures, all while feeling healthy and active. And when it’s time to move on to your next chapter, there’s a sun-soaked oasis where you can keep that momentum going: Phoenix, Arizona.

With its warm climate and dynamic culture, it offers an ideal setting for active older adults. Think: Bright, bold senior living set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, where resort-style amenities, upscale dining and a range of engaging activities keep you entertained every day.

What’s the price tag for senior independent living?

Before you set out to retire in style, it’s crucial to have a solid financial plan in place. This will help you define your retirement goals, determine your preferred lifestyle and provide a clear picture of your future financial situation.

Take the time to research senior living communities that fit your lifestyle and budget. A plan also helps safeguard your nest egg from rising healthcare costs and other unforeseen expenses. There are several types of retirement community costs, financial obligations and fees to consider, including:

  • Monthly fees: It’s important to keep in mind that monthly expenses accompany senior living retirement communities, including rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and maintenance costs.
  • Healthcare costs: As you age, healthcare costs can surge drastically, including medical care and long-term care services. These costs can be an additional expense when calculating the overall cost of living in a senior retirement community.
  • Level of care: Note that different levels of care in senior living communities come with varying costs. Therefore, it’s essential to clearly understand the services you may require and their associated costs before selecting a retirement community that suits your needs.
  • Amenities: There are various amenities and services offered at senior living communities, such as fitness centers, transportation services and social events, which may impact the overall cost of living.
  • Contract terms: It’s essential to carefully review the contract terms, including entrance fees, move-in fees and refund policies, to have a clear understanding of the complete cost of living in a senior living retirement community.

Beatitudes Campus: Exceptional value for your retirement investment

You may be surprised to learn the cost of living at Beatitudes Campus — a retirement community that offers active living and asset protection — is comparable to your current expenses. We’re proud to be recognized for our financial stability as a leader in independent senior living and senior healthcare.

Understanding the healthcare costs and tax advantages associated with retirement communities is vital as you explore your options. Beatitudes Campus offers tax savings and asset preservation benefits that may be overlooked.

By living at our Life Plan senior community, a portion of your entrance and monthly service fees may qualify as a medical tax deduction. In addition, our predictable Life Care model typically results in lower healthcare costs compared to prevailing market rates should you need care in the future.

Resources for planning for your dream retirement

The perfect way to begin your next adventure is with opportunities to save time and money and the freedom to live your best life. No matter what you decide, Beatitudes Campus can help you make a sound decision with our personal assessment tool to determine if it’s the right time for senior living and an interactive retirement planning guide.

We also provide MoneyGauge™, a cost calculator to learn which type of entry fee residential option is your best financial fit and other senior living resources. And you can always get in touch with our residency counselors, who can answer any questions.

Featured Image: VGstockstudio/ Shutterstock

There’s a passage in Alice In Wonderland that reads, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” This Lewis Carroll quote highlights the significance of having a clear destination and plan for the future — especially if you’re a senior aiming to fully enjoy a bright and bold retirement.

As you get older, it becomes increasingly important to prioritize your health and wellness. However, as the years go by, your needs and priorities may shift, causing you to require onsite supportive services to maintain a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. This is where living at a Life Plan Community is incredibly valuable in helping seniors craft an ideal retirement and avoid a future without direction or purpose.

A Plan for Aging Well

When thinking about a plan for life’s next chapter, there are countless considerations. You may want your plan to:

  • Provide a sense of purpose and direction in life to keep you motivated and engaged.
  • Help you prepare for retirement and ensure you have enough resources to live comfortably.
  • Maintain good physical and mental health.
  • Encourage social engagement to help you stay connected with friends and family.
  • Facilitate continued, lifelong learning and personal growth to remain mentally sharp and engaged with the world around you.
  • Make it easier to cope with unexpected challenges in life, such as illness or loss of a loved one.
  • Ensure you — not a family member or social worker — decide where to go for care should you need it.
  • Enable you to feel more in control of your life and better prepared for changes that come with aging.

Beatitudes Campus senior living community incorporates all these considerations and more, striking just the right plan balance for aging well.

Advantages of a Life Plan Community

While keeping aging in mind, a Life Plan community (also known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC or even Entry-Fee communities) offers various services and amenities to help residents maintain their independence and enjoy a robust quality of life.

Additionally, residents can stay within the same community and maintain the same social connections, even if their health changes. This is ideal for older adults who want to maintain their independence and avoid the stress and upheaval of moving to a new community should their health needs shift.

At Beatitudes Campus, you can choose from residence and lifestyle options adapted to your needs, including independent living, assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and in-home care.

No matter what level of support is needed — or if no support is needed at all — you can find the right living arrangement in a vibrant, exciting community putting your health and happiness front and center. Being able to call on these services easily ensures you don’t have to make a move, for example, if the time comes that you need help with grocery shopping, preparing meals or keeping track of your medications.

The community at Beatitudes Campus comprises several distinctive neighborhoods — from apartments in the heart of it all to traditional settings with patio homes to the newest community of Promenade Residences. Plus, our entrance-fee residences include 90 days of healthcare services, if and when you need it.

Health and Wellness Made Easy

Retirement is your time to shine and Beatitudes Campus is here to help make it happen. We offer an extensive array of activities every month, ensuring everyone can find something to enjoy. In 2022, Beatitudes Campus held more than 8,900 activities! Whether you prefer a more active or laid-back approach, we encourage you to discover everything we offer.

Located at the heart of our senior living community, Town Plaza is a hub for socializing, dining and entertainment. You can participate in educational and fitness classes, join a putting tournament, take a swim, unleash your creativity, attend worship services or enjoy musical performances. Our talented culinary team provides dining experiences to fulfill all your cravings.

We also strive to help you stay healthy and live independently as long as possible through comprehensive health and wellness programs. Residents can access qualified fitness professionals, special diet meal plans, aquatic and fitness centers, and low-impact aerobics and yoga classes.

In addition to physical health, Beatitudes Campus emphasizes the whole-person concept, including emotional, spiritual, intellectual and vocational aspects of life. Residents often say one of the best things about our community is the friendships they’ve formed.

Be enlightened by the abundance of creative, wellness, social, educational and personal growth opportunities Beatitudes Campus offers to enjoy your retirement years fully. Schedule an appointment with a residency counselor today to learn more about our Life Plan community.

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the benefits of music

For Starters, Music Improves Senior Health and Wellness

Whether you’re listening to your favorite singer, playing an instrument, performing as a tenor in a barbershop quartet or even belting out your own tunes in the shower, it seems music is good for you. How good? Quite good! Musical engagement was associated with higher rates of happiness, according to an AARP survey on seniors’ music habits.

If you’ve ever turned on the radio and began tapping your toes, you’ve felt the power of music putting you in a good mood. Along with lifting your spirits, research shows music can help reduce anxiety, improve cognition and memory, distract you from pain, motivate you to exercise and even lull you to sleep. Best of all, it’s inexpensive and easy to access, meaning all of these benefits are available to virtually everyone.

For seniors, interacting with music in a variety of ways offers the greatest benefits. For example, studies have found that active music-making engages most of your brain  and exercises your gross and fine motor skills. Listening to up-tempo music can help you feel energetic and increase your stamina, especially during exercise. When you want to wind down, listening to soothing music can have a calming and relaxing effect.

Groove to Your Own Beat at Beatitudes Campus

At Beatitudes Campus, our senior living community in Phoenix, it’s easy to enjoy different types of musical engagement because music is a big part of life here. You can attend full concerts as well as musical and dance performances by gifted artists from the local area and all across Arizona.

You can join a campus choir if you like to sing or play in a resident-led group that performs folk jam sessions and sing-a-longs. Our Beaded Lizard Music Jam happens twice a month and is a vibrant and joyful mash-up of music, poetry and other artistic performances by talented residents. During the holidays, carolers walk the campus sharing good tidings and seasonal songs.

Join Us for Wine and Music

This spring, we’re hosting a Music & Wine series with special events in February, March and April. We’d love for you to come out to Beatitudes Campus and experience our musical side in person. You’ll enjoy a festive evening of live music by local musicians, well-paired wines and plenty of good vibes.

To RSVP for one or all of our Music & Wine sessions, visit or call us at 602.833.1358. We look forward to sharing good music and good times with you!

With gorgeous weather, great cultural opportunities and unique outdoor activities, Phoenix, Arizona, offers the ideal place for a staycation. A combination of “stay” and “vacation,” a staycation inspires you to unwind and spoil yourself while taking time off from everyday responsibilities.

Staycations typically include exploring your city or the surrounding region as if you’re a tourist seeing it for the first time. The idea is to do what fills you up, whether that’s lingering over a cappuccino at a quaint, out-of-the-way coffee shop, hiking local trails, browsing antique stores, or visiting botanical gardens, zoos, museums and art galleries.

Sound fun? Start your new year off right with some rest and relaxation on a staycation. Here are six expert tips for ensuring your experience is more enjoyable.

6 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Staycation in Phoenix

  1. Decide where to stay by narrowing your focus. As you’re thinking about your staycation, decide what’s most important to you. Is it spending time in the sun, golfing, exploring nature, enjoying cultural attractions, being pampered at the spa or dabbling in lots of different activities? Once you know, you can focus on finding a staycation spot tailored to your preferences. Thrillist offers a list of staycation places by category to get you started.
  2. Plan fun things to do. It’s not a getaway without enjoyable activities. Browse the Phoenix visitors website for ideas. You’ll find hotspots beloved by locals, outdoor adventures, day trips, Wild West fun, fine dining, air tours, sporting events and more.
  3. Be flexible and avoid overbooking your time. Definitely plan fun things to do; otherwise, your time will slip by, and it won’t feel like a vacation. But be careful not to overbook your days. To truly feel like a vacation, you need plenty of downtime or at least space in your schedule to explore.
  4. Stay in vacation mode. To reap the restorative benefits of a staycation, it’s important to treat your days just as you would if you were on vacation 1,000 miles from home. Let your family, friends and colleagues know you’ll be away and unavailable unless it’s an emergency. Be sure to turn off your phone or put it in silent mode from time to time so you can fully focus on what you’re doing.
  5. Limit screen time. Don’t scroll, post, ping, tweet or text, at least not yet. Wait until you’re back from your staycation to share your adventures. Otherwise, keeping up with comments will take you away from enjoying the moment at hand and spoil your vacation-y feeling.
  6. Eat dessert first. Make your staycation time feel special. Find ways to do the unexpected. Go someplace you’ve never been; do something you’ve never done.

Treat Yourself to a Staycation at Beatitudes Campus

Want a relaxing staycation that doesn’t involve large expenses and complicated travel plans yet offers a wealth of opportunities? Consider a staycation at Beatitudes Campus. Using our Phoenix senior living community as a home base, you can explore the Valley’s entertainment attractions, cultural opportunities and award-winning dining. In the process, you’ll save money and get a peek at life at Beatitudes Campus.

For a limited time, the Beatitudes Campus Winter Stay & Play offer lets you stay for 30 days OR the entire winter (up to 4 months) in a furnished, one-bedroom Beatitudes Campus senior living apartment. It costs as little as $115 a day, depending on the number of people and the length of your stay.

Your all-inclusive staycation comes with a $200-a-month dining allowance per person at campus restaurants, biweekly housekeeping, internet service, DIRECTV®, phone line and more. Plus, you’ll have access to campus activities and amenities, including exercise and wellness programs as well as social, cultural, spiritual and recreational opportunities.

To learn more about staycation options at Beatitudes Campus, call 602.833.1358 or contact us here. We look forward to making your staycation special!


The holidays are a wonderful time to catch up with family and friends, share in special traditions, enjoy your favorite foods and create new memories. Visits with older relatives can also be helpful in spotting health issues, especially if you don’t see each other often.

In between the laughter and sips of eggnog, take some time to look for the early signs of dementia. Catching Alzheimer’s disease or other memory issues early gives you, your loved one and your family more time to plan for the future. Of course, more time to plan means more options, including supportive services offered by senior living communities like Beatitudes Campus.

During your visit, be sure to watch for these and other early signs of dementia. Don’t panic if you see something concerning. Some signs may be attributed to something else, such as side effects from a medication, vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep, low blood sugar, dehydration, injury due to a fall or other medical conditions. Unlike dementia, these can generally be reversed. If your loved one exhibits one or more of these early warning signs, a thorough exam by a doctor will help rule out another underlying cause.

6 Early Signs of Dementia

  1. Difficulty with complex tasks such as following a recipe, balancing a checkbook, playing a game or completing a puzzle. It takes a fair amount of cognitive brain power to process and properly implement a list of sequential actions, track and pay bills and adapt to changing situations as in gameplay. If your loved one isn’t able to engage in activities they once did easily, please bring this to the attention of a doctor.
  2. Difficulty following conversations or storylines in movies and TV shows. Holding a conversation with friends and neighbors challenges the brain in numerous ways — memory, comprehension, reasoning, empathy and more. The same holds true for following plots in movies and TV shows. If an extrovert is now avoiding conversations or a long-time movie buff is only watching 24-hour cable news, they may be experiencing some cognitive issues, especially when paired with other signs.
  3. Loss of smell and taste. Is your loved one not eating as much or not enjoying holiday meals as they typically would? Allergies, smoking and COVID-19 can lead to a loss of smell and taste. However, some studies show it could be an early indication of problems in the part of the brain that processes these senses.
  4. Vision changes. Alzheimer’s disease can cause trouble with spatial relationships, depth perception and peripheral vision, even distinguishing between colors. Watch to see if your loved one bumps into furniture often, sets objects on the edge of tables and counters, gets into minor scrapes while driving or has trouble seeing the color of their pills. A standard eye test can detect structural changes in the retina and optic nerve, which may help identify seniors at risk for dementia.
  5. Repeatedly putting objects in strange places. From time to time, everyone misplaces something or absentmindedly puts an object in a weird place like socks in the refrigerator instead of the washer. If it seems to happen a lot, seek a doctor’s evaluation.
  6. Paranoia and unfounded accusations. As the underlying cause of dementia, whether from a disease or other medical condition, damages the brain, it can affect how a person perceives reality. It often leads to paranoia, a feeling of danger and mistrust in family and friends. Please don’t take this personally. Your loved one can’t help how they feel. Like other early warning signs of Alzheimer’s, it could be caused by an infection, medication, sleep deprivation, electrolyte imbalance or another medical condition. Make an appointment for your loved one to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Experts caution family members not to consider these symptoms in isolation but within the context of the person’s overall health. Even healthy people may exhibit mild symptoms but never develop dementia. Still, early warning signs are a signal to reach out for a doctor’s exam.

If you’re wondering if it’s the right time to seek help for your loved one, we invite you to learn more with our quick assessment tool. After answering a few questions, you’ll get personalized results in just four minutes.

When is the right time to get help for your loved one?

Find Out Now

Trusted Memory Support in Phoenix

Should you or someone you love need memory support, Beatitudes Campus specializes in appropriate extended-care living options for older adults. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, our retirement community offers a full continuum of choices, including independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation therapies, home care, skilled nursing care and memory care. Our award-winning and nationally recognized Comfort Matters® program ensures residents with dementia enjoy the flexibility, freedom and respect to pursue their personal interests in a safe, nurturing setting.

To learn more about memory support at Beatitudes Campus, call 602.833.1358 or contact us online []. We’re here to help.