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When was the last time you picked up a good book and lost a few hours to the story between its covers? In a busy, noisy world, ‘Read a New Book’ Month reminds us to find a cozy spot and devote some quiet time to the simple pleasures of reading.

In doing so, you’ll be in good company. More than 70% of adults read at least one book in the past year, according to a 2021 Statista report. Turns out, all that time spent in the pages is really good for our minds — but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Reading gives your memory and imagination a workout, strengthening your brain’s neural network. It’s an enjoyable and safe form of escapism that helps you relax and takes your mind off your worries, which reduces stress and anxiety. Studies also show that avid readers are better at processing information, probably because of all that practice meeting new characters and following meandering storylines.

Harvard Health says it plainly, “Reading books may add years to your life,” referring to a Yale University research study. With so much to gain, September’s ‘Read a Book Month’ is a nudge to dust off an old favorite or pick up a book that’s new to you.

A community of book lovers

If you love to read, you’ll enjoy life at Beatitudes Campus, our retirement community in Phoenix. Here, you’ll find a fantastic library of books, movies and music curated and managed by resident librarians. And, yes, you can join the volunteer librarians in caring for the collection, which gives you an early peek at the latest books.

Another way to get plugged into our community of book lovers is by joining the book club, which adds a nice dose of socializing and allows you to see the same words and stories in another light. In other words, reading books, especially when you digest all of their juicy bits alongside other readers, lights your mental fire.

Or, read aloud with a child! Along with a love of exploring and learning, you’ll foster curiosity and connection — something we could all use these days. If you like the idea of volunteering your time to read with and to others, be sure to ask about the many volunteer opportunities at Beatitudes Campus.

Ready to learn more?

We invite you to visit our independent living community here in Phoenix to see all the ways you can enjoy connecting with others over your favorite pastimes, including reading. To schedule a visit, call 602.833.1358 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy reading!

When it comes to retirement living, everyone has different preferences and expectations, which is why you’ll find a variety of residential options and financial plans at Beatitudes Campus. Each one has its advantages and benefits and can even be customized to your needs. If you’re looking to plan ahead and want to know more about your options, here’s a quick overview of your choices at Beatitudes Campus. 

Financial Plan Options

Essentially, we offer two types of residential agreements or financial plans — one includes a refundable entrance fee and the other is a flexible rental agreement. Each one is only available on select residences, with the entrance fee plan giving you more choices.  

It’s also important to note that whichever agreement and residence type you choose, you’re a full member and resident of the community. You’ll enjoy unlimited access to Beatitudes Campus’ activities, programs and amenities in a safe, walkable neighborhood with around-the-clock security. When you add it all up, that’s a lot of value for the price. 

1. Entrance Fee Agreement 

At life plan communities like Beatitudes Campus, an entrance fee agreement gives you priority access to onsite care and helps protect your estate for future generations. You pay a one-time refundable entrance fee and a monthly service fee. Because Beatitudes Campus loves giving you choices, a new plan was created this year that lowers your monthly fee and locks in the lower rate, protecting you from the rising prices that come with inflation, and giving you greater financial security.  

Available with Central Park Apartments, Patio Homes and the future Promenade Residences at Beatitudes Campus, our entrance fee agreement gives you maintenance-free living in your choice of our newest, most popular and largest residences on campus.  

It comes with 90 days of care in our onsite health center, as needed, at no additional cost, ensuring you have a strategy for future care that you control and direct. No matter your financial preferences, the entrance fee plan can be tailored specially for you.  

Residences Available with an Entrance Fee 

Central Park Apartments  

The Central Park Apartments provide a convenient, all-in-one choice that includes utilities, housekeeping, linen service and maintenance. Again, you also get 90 days of onsite care at no additional charge, if ever needed. You’ll find a large variety of floor plans too. 

  • Floor plans range between 655 to 1,384 square feet 
  • One- and two-bedroom styles 
  • Some floor plans feature a den, second bathroom or guest bath 
  • Balcony or patio 

Patio Homes 

The attached, single-level Patio Homes are set apart in their own neighborhood yet enable easy access to everything the community offers. They feature two patios and a spacious, open floor plan for indoor and outdoor entertaining. The Beatitudes Campus staff takes care of the housekeeping, maintenance and yard. You also get 90 days of onsite care at no additional charge. 

  • Floor plans range between 1,200 to 1,679 square feet 
  • Two- and three-bedroom styles, all include two bathrooms 
  • Two private patios  
  • Garage 
  • Upscale features and finishes 

Promenade Residences  

An entirely new senior living choice coming to Campus, the Promenade Residences will be a community of its own within Beatitudes Campus. The biggest advantage — it’s brand new. You’ll enjoy an all-new residence with a spacious floor plan customized with your choice of designer colors and finishes.  

It’s a streamlined, all-in-one choice that includes utilities, housekeeping, linen service and maintenance as well as 90 days of onsite care at no additional charge. Plus, the Promenade will offer the most requested amenities by today’s seniors. 

  • All-new spacious floor plans 
  • Choice of designer colors and finishes 
  • Bistro for made-to-order breakfast and lunch as well as grab-and-go snacks 
  • Fitness center with advanced exercise equipment designed for seniors and fitness and wellness classes 
  • Treed courtyard with a fire pit, chess tables and elevated gardens  
2. Rental Agreement

Exclusively available with the Plaza Apartments, our rental agreement gives you the flexibility of an affordable, month-to-month lease. If you ever need care, you or your health insurance will pay for it at the market rate. Streamlining your expenses, your monthly rent includes housekeeping, maintenance and all utilities. 

Residences Available for Rental

Plaza Apartments  

As a flexible month-to-month rental, the Plaza Apartments offer easy, maintenance-free living at an affordable price. Best of all, there’s no long-term lease required. Your rental fee includes housekeeping, maintenance and all utilities. You have unlimited access to everything — activities, amenities and programs — offered at Beatitudes Campus. 

  • Floor plans range between 385 to 730 square feet 
  • Studio, one- and two-bedroom styles, all include one bathroom 
  • Recently updated finishes and common spaces 

Ready to learn more?

You see, regardless of your lifestyle and financial preferences, Beatitudes Campus checks all of the boxes for independent living in Phoenix. To learn more and see the floor plans in person, we invite you to schedule a visit by calling 602.833.1358 or contacting us through our online form below. We’d love to answer your questions and show you around. 

Did you know that not all senior living communities are the same? By definition, life plan communities combine an enjoyable, worry-free lifestyle with access to a full continuum of care. But, what does that really mean for you or for an older adult you love? Here are the top seven things that set life plan communities apart from other senior living choices, including the option of staying in your current home.

  1. Life plan communities offer more freedom and flexibility than other options for aging in place. Your current home or even typical condo or apartment living can’t compete with all the options and opportunities available in a community like Beatitudes Campus. Don’t want to drive? Beatitudes Campus offers scheduled transportation. Don’t want to attend an event alone? You can go with a group of friends and neighbors. Bored? Check the calendar. There are more than 100 programs, activities and amenities available every month. As we get older, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. At Beatitudes Campus, you truly have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life in bigger, bolder ways.
  2. Life plan communities keep you in control better than other senior living options. Life plan communities like Beatitudes Campus are designed to support you with services and amenities that adapt to your needs as you age. Being able to call on these services easily ensures you don’t have to make a move, for say, when the time comes that you need help with grocery shopping, preparing meals or keeping track of your medications. In short, it’s easier to stay in control of your choices when where you live has what you need to remain independent.
  3. Life plan communities provide a plan for handling your future care needs. Much like the advantage of staying in control, life plan communities like Beatitudes Campus ensure you’re prepared for your future care needs. Planning ahead means you decide where you’ll go for care should you need it, not a family member, not a social worker — you. With a full continuum of support and senior health care services available onsite, from in-home care to assisted living to nursing care after surgery and more, you can stay in the community you love and not far from your friends and neighbors.
  4. Life plan communities offer financial stability. Life plan communities typically have a monthly fee that covers virtually everything, including your residence, utilities, housekeeping and maintenance as well as access to amenities, programs and entertainment. Having that predictable fee not only streamlines your expenses, it offers financial stability. In other words, you can plan better when there are no surprises.

What’s more, Beatitudes Campus has introduced a new Rate Lock Plan designed for our current times. The Rate Lock Plan protects you from inflation’s rising prices by lowering your monthly fee and freezing it in place. As the cost of utilities, rent, maintenance and other services rise, your cost stays the same. How’s that for financial stability?

  1. Life plan communities can be quite affordable without a steep upfront cost. There’s a misconception that all retirement communities are expensive or require a large upfront cost. In the case of Beatitudes Campus, that’s not true. Here, you’ll find residential options and financial agreements that suit a wide variety of preferences and budgets. You can choose an affordable, flexible month-to-month rental option or the protection of a refundable entrance fee with an upfront cost and return that fits you. If you’re curious about costs, try our Cost Comparison Tool to get a peek at your options.
  2. Life plan communities contribute to better health. While the health benefits of senior living communities have been written about extensively, we now have more evidence. An Age Well study by Mather Institute in partnership with Northwestern University is revealing that residents in life plan communities, in particular, are happier and healthier.
  3. Life plan communities offer help with move planning and coordination. Sometimes the biggest hurdle is the actual move itself. Between selling your house, finding the right moving company and cleaning out and packing your belongings, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Having been a part of the process for thousands of residents, life plan communities stand ready to help. Beatitudes Campus, for example, offers a free moving benefit through an expert partner that helps older adults transition to new homes. Your personal relocation manager guides you through the moving process so you can focus on what’s most important — enjoying your future.

Ready to learn more? Take a minute to download our Retirement Living Planning Guide then schedule a visit by calling 602.833.1358 or contacting us through our online form below. We’d love to answer your questions and show you around Beatitudes Campus.

Are you thinking about your future and eyeing a move to a retirement community? Timing is everything, as the saying goes. Now is a great time to make a move, especially if it’s to Beatitudes Campus, our senior living community in Phoenix, Arizona. Among the unique advantages this year, these are the top five reasons you’ll want to get moving sooner rather than later.

  1. With housing values so high, you likely have more equity than ever in your home. If you sell your house now, you’ll get top dollar and a fair amount of newfound money by virtue of all that equity. Why not put it to good use and secure your future? If you wait too long, you risk selling during the real estate market’s inevitable course correction and leaving thousands of dollars on the table.
  2. You have more choices than ever. There’s never been a better time to choose a home at Beatitudes Campus. We offer Patio Homes and apartments in an array of sizes, styles and floor plans, including new and recently updated residences. With several financial options — from all-inclusive entrance fee plans to flexible, month-to-month renting — you’re sure to find one that suits your budget and personal preferences.
  3. Predictable monthly expenses and so much more. If you’re concerned about rising prices, now is your chance to lock in a lower cost of living. Our new Rate Lock Plan protects you from inflation and rising prices by lowering your monthly fee and locking it in place. Since your monthly fee covers the cost of your apartment home, all utilities, housekeeping and maintenance, you won’t feel the sting of continued cost hikes.

Also, your monthly fee at Beatitudes Campus gives you so much more than basic living expenses. You get access to more than 100 clubs, activities, amenities, programs, entertainment and more. With a predictable monthly fee and no surprises, regardless of inflation, it all adds up to a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

  1. Care close to home starting on day one. If you or your spouse need care, you’re never far apart at Beatitudes Campus. We provide highly rated, nationally recognized care onsite, including rehabilitative therapies, home care, skilled nursing care and memory support, by experts you can trust.
  2. Not ready to make a move yet? Take a look at our exciting, new senior living choice coming to Beatitudes Campus. Along with spacious, modern floor plans, the Promenade Residences will offer special in-house amenities, including a bistro, expanded fitness center and a wonderful, tree-lined courtyard with a fire pit and chess tables. Since the Promenade Residences are still in the planning phase, you can lock in your best possible monthly fee now and have all the time you need to plan your move.

To learn more about why making a move to a senior living community in 2022 is a smart choice, give us a call at 602-833-1358 or contact us through our online form below.

Did you know your curiosity and love of learning are good for your mind and body? Research into senior health shows that the process of learning late in life offers big benefits, including improving memory, slowing cognitive decline, reducing depression and boosting self-esteem.

To enjoy these and other benefits of learning, it’s important to choose activities and hobbies that actually challenge you in some way. A study published in the journal Psychological Science showed that only participants who learned a new skill gained significant benefits. If you’re ready to explore learning opportunities as a way to improve your health, keep these suggestions from experts in mind.

To get the most out of lifelong learning:

  • Choose fresh topics, ideas and experiences. If you’re in your comfort zone, you’re not learning.
  • Challenge yourself. Do something that requires your sustained focus as well as time and effort to develop proficiency and understanding.
  • Pick something you enjoy. Do you like astronomy, history or art? Have you always wanted to try photography or learn to ride a motorcycle? Choosing something you enjoy means you’ll be more likely to stick with it.
  • Learn a new language or skill. They’re among the most effective ways to improve your brain health.
  • Combine the mental and physical. Now you have more reasons than ever to learn to tango, try pickleball or take up tai chi. Challenging your mind and body at the same time offers even greater benefits for your brain.
  • Share what you know. Consider sharing your knowledge or skill, either through teaching a class or mentoring a student.
  • Add people. Whether you’re taking a group class, teaching others or discussing juicy plots in a book club, the interaction and socializing help your health.
  • Do it often. Your brain benefits most when you’re actively using it. Be sure to mix in learning opportunities — big and small — all year long.


One of the best things seniors can do for mind and body — choose an engaging place to live that fosters learning.

At Beatitudes Campus, our senior living community in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll find it’s easy to keep learning. You can pursue your interests, gain new knowledge, learn new skills and reap the benefits that come with it.

In fact, our entire community has been built on that very idea. From the beginning, our founders created Beatitudes Campus to reflect the vibrant learning and open, welcoming atmosphere of a college campus. With more than 100 programs and activities offered every month, you’ll discover learning happens organically and enjoyably all around you.

The heart of learning here is the Beatitudes Campus Center for Lifelong Learning. Emulating a traditional academic setting, the Lifelong Learners program features nearly two-dozen non-credit courses each semester held in spring, summer and fall.

The courses continually change but often include popular subjects such as astronomy, architecture, literature, history and foreign languages. In addition to learning about art, music and science, you can also build your skills with technology you use every day such as the internet, computers and tablets. Residents manage the program, choose the classes and print a course catalog every semester.

Beyond gaining new knowledge or learning a new skill, Beatitudes Campus’ classes encourage participants to explore and discuss topics and exchange ideas without the stress of tests and grades. This dynamic socializing offers a number of health benefits, including better physical health, a lower risk of dementia and possibly living longer. Evidence suggests that socializing is good for your brain health, according to Psychology Today. “People who connect with others generally perform better on tests of memory and other cognitive skills.”

Register for a class

The classes taught through the Beatitudes Campus Center for Lifelong Learning are open to prospective residents. We invite you to register for an upcoming class. It’s a great way to experience our academic atmosphere for yourself, and without obligation.

To register for a class or schedule a visit to hear more about how Beatitudes Campus fosters learning, simply give us a call at 602.833.1358 or contact us through our online form below.

Do you have an outdated view of senior living? Maybe you envision some type of “convalescent home” or nursing home from the 1970s? Yikes!

In reality, today’s senior living communities cater to the sophisticated tastes and expectations of active older adults. They’re incredibly vibrant places to live with a wide range of amenities, programs and activities for seniors, including opportunities that promote learning, socializing, volunteering and health and wellness.

When you’re planning for your future, you want a place that gives you more freedom, more opportunities and more security. You want a community that feels modern, welcoming and fits the way you live. You’ll find it at Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix. We offer one of the largest and most robust selections of services, amenities and residences of any retirement community in Arizona. Plus, here, there’s a wonderful sense of belonging and caring with a diversity of residents and staff that enrich everyday life.

Beatitudes Campus is located in the thriving 19North Neighborhood where you’ll also find some amazing shops, restaurants and small businesses. Of course, you’ll enjoy Phoenix’s phenomenal cultural scene — including art, history, music and more. With Beatitudes Campus, you’re in the heart of it all with sunny, year-round weather to boot.

So, if you’re ready for something more, consider these top reasons to move to Beatitudes Campus.

Top 5 reasons you’ll enjoy senior living at Beatitudes Campus

In short, Phoenix and Beatitudes Campus make an ideal place to retire. The easiest way to see if Beatitudes Campus is right for you is to come for a visit and experience our community for yourself. To schedule a no-obligation visit, give us a call today at 602.833.1358 or contact us through our online form below.