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The feeling of safety at Beatitudes Campus is almost palpable. If you glance around Beatitudes Campus, you’ll notice residents going about their day — from gardening or walking their dogs to chatting on a bench with friends or counting steps with their pedometers. When the temperature turns cooler in the evening, you’ll find an especially bustling atmosphere.

While so many of us might take this for granted, Robert Andrews doesn’t. Before moving to Beatitudes Campus, Robert always enjoyed the exercise and fresh air that came with walking his dog. He did so daily without giving it a thought until one day when it all changed.

“An event near our previous neighborhood made us feel unsafe, so I started carrying a baseball bat while walking our dog,” he said. “It was a terrible feeling.”

Safety at Beatitudes Campus And in the Surrounding Community

When Robert and his wife, Cynthia, began to explore the idea of moving to a senior living community, the couple prioritized a safe, secure neighborhood that would provide the freedom to enjoy life without worry. They found it at Beatitudes Campus and the surrounding 19NORTH neighborhood.

Ensuring the North Phoenix neighborhood is a safe, welcoming, walkable community for all is the goal of the 19NORTH Community Alliance, a grassroots effort that brings together community leaders, city officials, businesses, schools, faith-based groups and other non-profit organizations. The alliance focuses on the 19NORTH neighborhood between Montebello and Dunlap Avenues, from 15th Avenue to 23rd Avenue.

Beatitudes Campus’ location on Glendale Avenue is in the middle of the 19NORTH neighborhood, offering residents and staff the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living and working in an active, involved, multi-generational community.

For greater peace of mind, Beatitudes Campus takes the commitment to a safe, walkable community even further. Here, you’ll find 27 acres of interconnected walking paths and roads, green space, gardening areas and dog parks all within our gated neighborhood that’s manned with 24-hour security. You can freely enjoy exercise, fresh air, and visiting with neighbors and staff knowing help is nearby if it’s ever needed.

For Robert and Cynthia, like so many others, it makes all the difference. Today, you’ll find Robert walking around Beatitudes Campus for exercise, greeting neighbors and staff along the way.

“Beatitudes Campus is an oasis in the city. Because it’s safe, we feel comfortable doing what we love,” said Robert. “I love to walk. Now, I can do it as much as I like without having to carry a baseball bat.”

To meet more residents like Robert and Cynthia, visit our video gallery. They offer a delightful and candid insider’s view of campus life.

To take a tour of Beatitudes Campus, call (602) 833-1358 or contact us through our online form below.

When you’re considering a move to a new place, it can be helpful to know what the people who live there think and feel about their home and community, the neighbors and staff, as well as the atmosphere and amenities. We asked four residents to tell us about what Beatitudes Campus means to them. We were delighted to hear their answers.

Marc Adelman
When Marc Adelman lived across the street from Beatitudes Campus years ago, he didn’t know the community specialized in senior living. Today, he not only lives on campus, he’s involved with dozens of programs, committees, and activities.

Marc spearheaded a program to install a special audio system in the campus’ Everett Luther Life Center to help people hear the presentations and music better. As an ad hoc technology expert, he helps residents with their TVs, phones, and other devices.

“I moved here in 2015, and I’ve loved every minute of it,” said Marc, who also teaches mahjong and serves as a community ambassador. “I was very active before moving here. Beatitudes gives me the opportunity to stay active and involved.”

In June, Beatitudes Campus debuts its new Gaming Connection, a special calendar that tracks all of the game and puzzle meetups happening across campus–bridge, poker, dominoes, mahjong, board games, and more. It makes it easy for everyone to find a game and join in whenever they want. It’s a great way to meet new friends. Marc helped create the computerized tracking system for this new calendar.

“To me, Beatitudes Campus means safety, friendliness and connection with people,” he said. “Most of us wear name tags. On it, we get to add a word that best describes ourselves. I chose the word ‘involved.’”

Bill Chase
As an electrical design consultant, Bill Chase stays busy, dividing his time between his clients and life at Beatitudes Campus. Bill and his late wife lived just four miles from the community before moving to the community in 2016. Beatitudes provided the stability, ease, and optional in-home caregiving the couple needed.

“When we visited Beatitudes, the community was so lively and engaged. People had places to go, things to do. We liked that,” said Bill. “Plus, people here seemed more friendly.”

Today, Bill spends his free time participating in social groups and playing guitar on-campus several days a week. “There are a lot of choices. You can pick and choose what you want to do,” said Bill. “It’s like being back in college.”

In addition to an active social life, Bill has found friendship and support at Beatitudes Campus.

“It feels like a small town. People look out for each other,” said Bill. “Living at Beatitudes Campus makes me want to be a better person, just like my wife did.”

Carol and Wally Flinn
Married for 64 years, Carol and Wally Flinn moved to Beatitudes Campus in 2016, after deciding that keeping up a four-bedroom house was just too much work.

“We started educating ourselves on what was available. We looked at three other communities over two years,” said Carol. “We chose Beatitudes because we like the staff, the people, and the food. We feel safe here, especially at night.”

The Flinns enjoy a variety of activities on campus. Wally, who’s outgoing and gregarious, likes the fitness center, walking on campus, and playing darts and bocce ball. Carol is loyal to spending time with friends, playing bridge, using the campus library, and being a part of the Welcome Committee.

“For us, Beatitudes Campus means being more involved, more active, taking lifelong learning classes, belonging to groups, and meeting new people,” said Carol.

MaryLou Renfrow
When MaryLou Renfrow began needing help at home after a fall, she and her family didn’t choose a senior living community lightly. Before MaryLou moved to Beatitudes Campus, her son-in-law thoroughly vetted the community before giving his blessing.

“He checked out everything to make sure it was a good place,” said MaryLou, who lives in a ground floor apartment with a beautiful patio decorated just the way she likes it. “I just love it here. Everyone smiles, waves, and says hello. We’re like a big family.”

MaryLou takes advantage of Beatitudes Campus “Be at Home” services program to make everyday living a little easier. The program provides in-home care and personal support, such as help getting ready in the morning, transportation to the doctor, grocery shopping, medication reminders, and more.

“They even take great care of my cat, LouLou,” she said. “For me, Beatitudes Campus means feeling content and relaxed. It feels like my home. There are a lot of wonderful things that come with it.”

Are you or a loved one considering the transition to a retirement community? Schedule a tour of Beatitudes Campus by calling us at (602) 536-4732 or submitting a contact form!