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The feeling of safety at Beatitudes Campus is almost palpable. If you glance around Beatitudes Campus, you’ll notice residents going about their day — from gardening or walking their dogs to chatting on a bench with friends or counting steps with their pedometers. When the temperature turns cooler in the evening, you’ll find an especially bustling atmosphere.

While so many of us might take this for granted, Robert Andrews doesn’t. Before moving to Beatitudes Campus, Robert always enjoyed the exercise and fresh air that came with walking his dog. He did so daily without giving it a thought until one day when it all changed.

“An event near our previous neighborhood made us feel unsafe, so I started carrying a baseball bat while walking our dog,” he said. “It was a terrible feeling.”

Safety at Beatitudes Campus And in the Surrounding Community

When Robert and his wife, Cynthia, began to explore the idea of moving to a senior living community, the couple prioritized a safe, secure neighborhood that would provide the freedom to enjoy life without worry. They found it at Beatitudes Campus and the surrounding 19NORTH neighborhood.

Ensuring the North Phoenix neighborhood is a safe, welcoming, walkable community for all is the goal of the 19NORTH Community Alliance, a grassroots effort that brings together community leaders, city officials, businesses, schools, faith-based groups and other non-profit organizations. The alliance focuses on the 19NORTH neighborhood between Montebello and Dunlap Avenues, from 15th Avenue to 23rd Avenue.

Beatitudes Campus’ location on Glendale Avenue is in the middle of the 19NORTH neighborhood, offering residents and staff the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living and working in an active, involved, multi-generational community.

For greater peace of mind, Beatitudes Campus takes the commitment to a safe, walkable community even further. Here, you’ll find 27 acres of interconnected walking paths and roads, green space, gardening areas and dog parks all within our gated neighborhood that’s manned with 24-hour security. You can freely enjoy exercise, fresh air, and visiting with neighbors and staff knowing help is nearby if it’s ever needed.

For Robert and Cynthia, like so many others, it makes all the difference. Today, you’ll find Robert walking around Beatitudes Campus for exercise, greeting neighbors and staff along the way.

“Beatitudes Campus is an oasis in the city. Because it’s safe, we feel comfortable doing what we love,” said Robert. “I love to walk. Now, I can do it as much as I like without having to carry a baseball bat.”

To meet more residents like Robert and Cynthia, visit our video gallery. They offer a delightful and candid insider’s view of campus life.

To take a tour of Beatitudes Campus, call (602) 833-1358 or contact us through our online form below.

Staying Active Offers Big Benefits for Older Adults

In honor of National Senior Health and Fitness Day on May 27, we invite you to mix more motion into your routine. Whether you’re learning to exercise for the first time or are a fitness enthusiast, now is a great time to take the next step toward better health.

Physical exercise offers significant benefits for all older adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other well-respected researchers. Being active helps maintain your ability to live independently and reduces your risk of developing diabetes and some cancers. It can help control arthritis pain, reduce your blood pressure, and improve your stamina and strength as well as your mood and emotional well-being.

Given those benefits and so many more, it’s essential that we stay physically active as we age. It’s also why Beatitudes Campus proudly fosters an engaging, active lifestyle. And, because everyone enjoys different types of activity, we offer a wide variety of fitness and wellness opportunities. From line dancing and tai chi to walking and water aerobics, from putting on the golf green to Wii bowling and more, there’s something for all ages and all fitness levels.

CDC Fitness Fast Facts

  • Improve your energy and stamina by doing activities and exercises that get your heart beating faster several times a week.
  • Get stronger by making your muscles work harder at least twice a week.
  • Virtually all types of motion counts as exercise, including walking the dog, doing laundry, taking the stairs and playing catch with grandchildren.
  • Among adults aged 65 years and older, walking and gardening or yard work are, by far, the most popular physical activities.

Try a Class

If you’ve ever played sports or enjoyed playing outside with your kids or grandkids, you know that exercising with others can be a lot of fun. It brings laughter and camaraderie and provides motivation and social support.

The best fitness classes bring together all of those elements plus an experienced instructor who takes the guesswork out of what to do, how to do it and when. If you’re looking for motivation and expert guidance while staying at home or want to try a class before taking it in person, check out the free exercise videos on the Beatitudes Campus Fitness YouTube channel.

Free Exercise Videos on the Beatitudes Campus Fitness YouTube Channel

Beatitudes Campus’ fitness trainers Mike Smallwood and Camille Beaubien lead you through a variety of exercises that promote strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. You’ll also find instructor-approved tai chi and yoga videos posted by residents. You can follow along in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

For most exercises, all you need is a chair and hand weights. If you don’t have hand weights, you can use something around your home that has some weight and is easy to grip. For example, try a filled water bottle, canned goods, a book, or bag of rice or beans.

Beatitudes Campus is all-in with fitness and wants to help you stay active and motivated. Be sure to join our fitness trainers Mike and Camille as they guide you through various wellness activity YouTube videos from home!

If you’re looking for additional research and education on the benefits of physical activity, check out this science-based guide from the CDC for the benefits, how to track your progress, and more.

Growing Stronger — Strength Training for Older Adults

To learn more about all of Beatitudes Campus’s fitness and wellness opportunities call us today at 602.883.1358 or contact us online at

Whatever you call it — downsizing, rightsizing or KonMari — simplifying and organizing your belongings offers tremendous benefits, from financial advantages and less maintenance to energy efficiency and greater happiness.

Making your surroundings fit what matters most to you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family. But, as we all know, sorting through a lifetime of accumulated stuff isn’t easy. That’s why we’re offering some simple tips and tricks for downsizing to help you on your way.

Where Do You Begin?

  • Start sooner rather than later. Moving in general is a busy time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving in a month or thinking about five years from now. Start the process of downsizing now before you add the stress of a move. Starting long before a move is in your sight is even better. Whether you’re 45 or 75, you’ll immediately benefit from all that streamlining and simplifying.
  • Moving takes good planning. Prepare for it as you would any other important experience in your life such as going to college, getting married, starting a business and retiring. Senior living expert Brad Breeding offers a few important issues to consider as you go through the process, including understanding that you can’t keep everything and your kids may not want your stuff.
  • Accept your emotions. Your belongings have become a part of your life and your memories. While culling the clutter can feel incredibly freeing, it can also bring up emotions akin to grieving. As you’re sorting through it all, let the laughter, tears and memories flow. For the things you won’t be keeping, take photos to help you recall those special memories anytime.
  • Downsizing is also a gift to your family. Although they may not realize it now, you’re relieving your children of the future responsibility and burden of culling through your belongings. Take all of their comments — good and bad — in stride. Their opinions are important, but this is your life and your choice.
  • Think of downsizing as a new beginning. When your belongings and space realistically fit your current lifestyle, your world opens up to new possibilities. For starters, less maintenance, more money, more time and more energy add up to more me-time for traveling, exploring your interests, and visiting friends and family. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can savor it all.

Making Your Move

So you’ve conquered downsizing your stuff and now you’re ready to choose a new downsized space that matches your lifestyle? There are additional factors to consider beyond the size of the floor plan—so you can make the best decision for you.

Consider The Importance of: 

  • Having a strong social network of friends
  • Finding purpose and fulfillment
  • Taking care of my mind, body and spirit
  • Having quality health care available if I need it
  • Having predictable living expenses
  • Making my own choices
  • Feeling true peace of mind about the future
  • Protecting my estate for my loved ones
  • Not burdening my family with becoming my caregiver

As you evaluate your options, we invite you to explore Beatitudes Campus. You’ll discover a vibrant community of friendly neighbors who share your interests. Plus, you’ll enjoy an array of convenient services that make life easier as well as amenities, learning programs and volunteer opportunities that bring a rewarding sense of fulfillment and purpose. Best of all, our attentive, caring staff and 5-star health services provide the ultimate peace of mind today and in the future.

We’re Here for You

To ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve partnered with Moving Station® to bring you expert moving advice and coordination through their Moving Made Easy® program at no cost. It’s our gift to you.

As part of the program, you’ll have a Personal Relocation Manager with you every step of the way. They’ll answer your questions and help you find trusted resources for selling your home for the best price, organizing and downsizing your belongings, planning your move and more.

To learn more about Beatitudes Campus and our free moving program, call us today at 602.883.1358 or contact us online at


At the heart of any great community is a thriving, active resident population. With opportunities to laugh, to learn and to lead, people flourish, nowhere is this truer than at Beatitudes Campus. We’re deeply proud of how engaging our community is and especially grateful to share it with others.

We’re pleased to announce that Beatitudes Campus recently received the Holleran Choice Community Award for Independent Living Engagement. The honor recognizes the most engaging senior living organizations in the nation — where both residents and staff feel deeply and passionately engaged with their community.

To earn the award, communities had to score 85 or higher on a 100-point scale. The score was based on more than 160,000 resident and employee surveys from over 700 communities.

Top 15% of communities to create a deeply engaging atmosphere

The Holleran Choice Community Award places Beatitudes Campus in the top 15% of the hundreds of communities surveyed. It’s easy to see why.

The residents and staff at Beatitudes Campus collaborate enthusiastically every day to create an active, engaged community where everyone feels welcome to participate, contribute and truly enjoy life in a myriad of ways. Residents enjoy musical events and spiritual services, games and neighborly get-togethers, and fitness classes and clubs of all sorts.

Related article: How to evaluate a senior community’s life enrichment program

Beyond participating, residents actually lead the way here, deciding on the activities and programs. They manage the Beatitudes Center for Lifelong Learners as well as its three-semester curriculum. Collectively, they volunteer thousands of hours every year to help others. They operate the community gift shop and secondhand store, show new residents the ropes, visit homebound seniors, and offer help and hope to those in need.

We’re truly honored to accept this award on behalf of the amazing residents and staff at Beatitudes Campus. We’d love to show you what makes our community so special and, indeed, award-winning. To schedule a visit or request a FREE Life Enrichment & Activities Guide, call us today at (602) 833-1358. We hope to see you soon!

By Rodney D. Bailey, MSW, PhD, Senior Vice President

March is National Nutrition Month and it reminds us that eating nutritious foods offers big benefits. Research shows eating well can boost your energy, improve your mood, keep your bones strong, enhance your sleep, and extend your life. Healthier eating can even reduce your risk for dementia, some cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

Considering all of the physical and mental benefits of eating nutritiously, why not give it a try? Mayo Clinic offers these simple tips for eating better.

  • Choose a variety of nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, nuts and seeds, and low-fat dairy products.
  • Limit the number of calories you get from added sugars and saturated fats, while also cutting back on sodium.

Eating healthy isn’t complicated. There’s no magic diet plan. By applying those simple guidelines at every meal, over time, you’ll significantly increase the nutrients you’re intaking, while dramatically decreasing the amount of sugar, salt, calories, and saturated fat. Smart choices like these will allow for a healthier, stronger mind and body–one day at a time.

So many smart, delicious choices on campus

At Beatitudes Campus, we make it easy to eat for your well-being. We offer heart-healthy, vegetarian, and allergen friendly options at all of our restaurants. We regionally source ingredients whenever possible for the freshest flavors. Most importantly, our chefs tailor your order to your liking.

Tailored menu

  • Fit menu filled with healthy choices
  • Diabetic friendly selections
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Gluten-free alternatives
  • Allergen friendly options (milk, peanuts, wheat, and other allergens)
  • Dietary preferences (salt, spices, garlic, shellfish, and others)
  • Sugar-free desserts

Healthier choices

  • Made-from-scratch soups
  • Sustainably sourced seafood per Monterey Bay Aquarium standards
  • Gluten-free bread, pasta, mayonnaise, dressings, and more
  • No growth hormones in milk and meats
  • Pasteurized in-the-shell eggs
  • Cooked with zero trans fat
  • No salt added

Whether you’re grabbing a quick breakfast, lunch, or sitting down to dinner with friends, you’ll find something delicious and nutritious.

At Town Plaza Bistro, we offer fresh, made-to-order meals, including grilled chicken, fish, fresh fruits, salads, vegetables, and more. On the menu, it’s easy to see which items are vegetarian, gluten-free, and have low sodium and no sugar.

Elaine’s, our fine dining restaurant, offers sophisticated cuisine in an upscale atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of healthy options such as seared scallops and halibut, shrimp, rack of lamb, and zucchini noodles.

Even at Buckwald’s Arizona Grille, our steakhouse-inspired restaurant, you can choose fresh seafood, grilled lean meats, and vegetable-forward dishes. You can also build-your-own salad and top it with one of our house-made dressings.

“We have really talented chefs here at Beatitudes Campus. If you need a dish specially prepared, just let them know. We want to make it easy for you to enjoy great meals that are also healthy for you,” said Joe Kane, Director of Dining Services.

The facts about nutrition and older adults

Whether you’re dining at one of Beatitudes Campus’ restaurants or in your own kitchen, consider choosing your meals and snacks for their nutritional value–at least a majority of them. Poor nutrition particularly affects older adults. As we age, we need adequate amounts of protein to maintain our muscles, calcium to keep our bones strong, and vitamins and minerals to keep our mind and body working properly. The real magic is that you have control over what you eat.

With National Nutrition Month, now is a great time to add nutrient-dense foods into your everyday eating. When possible, make every bite count. It’s quick, easy, and hugely beneficial. If you enjoy statistics, here’s more about the latest research in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

By Rodney D. Bailey, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

At Beatitudes Campus, service to others isn’t just our philosophy; it’s in our DNA. In 1965, our founders envisioned a senior living community devoted to the needs and preferences of older adults and their families. They fostered a welcoming, engaging, vibrant place to retire that instilled an atmosphere of respect and honor for its residents. An innovative concept at the time, their promise continues to influence everything we do today.

While others may talk about exceptional service, the staff at Beatitudes Campus live it. We’re devoted to making your world a little brighter, solving your challenges, and bringing more opportunities your way. Perhaps the difference isn’t simply being better at serving others, it’s knowing that those we serve are not “customers” or “clients.” For us, we’re serving our friends and neighbors.

You’ll hear plenty of stories from Beatitudes Campus residents who’ll tell you about how our chef makes wonderful meals to everyone’s liking, how quickly our maintenance team responds to requests, and how much they appreciate the golf cart shuttle across campus. I’m most proud of the out-of-the-ordinary actions we take every day that pleases a single person or couple–something no one else may ever see. To me, that’s truly going above and beyond.

Greater Heights in Retirement

One of my favorite examples is when a couple moved in with a large totem pole. Having purchased it on their honeymoon, it was a sentimental treasure. However, at the last minute on moving day, they realized the ceiling wasn’t high enough to accommodate the tall statue. On that Friday evening, the Beatitudes Campus staff quickly came together to find a solution. They did–another apartment with higher ceilings. The couple moved in as planned, and continued to enjoy the beautiful souvenir of their honeymoon.

Tea Lover

Oftentimes, exceptional service shows up in small ways. One of our residency counselors was talking with a prospective community resident who requested hot tea, which we were out of at the moment. She enjoyed the conversation and scheduled a follow-up appointment. For the prospective resident’s second visit, the residency counselor had the gift shop manager create a gift basket with herbal teas and a ceramic cup with the words “Tea Lover.” She loved the gift and added her name to our apartment reservation list. The small gift was a thoughtful reminder that we’re always listening.

Smart TV

For some residents at Beatitudes Campus, a small adjustment can solve big challenges and bring huge benefits. A Korean-American family liked the idea of their mother moving to Beatitudes Campus. However, they all were concerned about her limited ability to speak English. After their father passed away, their mother had spent more time with other Korean women, which reduced her second language skills. The family suggested that Korean television programs would give her the comfort she needed to make the move.

Beatitudes Campus was in the process of converting to DIRECTV®, which didn’t include a Korean channel. We brought together an entire team–our move-in coordinator, senior vice president of sales and marketing, chief financial officer, residency counselor, and most importantly, our IT specialist and DIRECTV® representatives–to brainstorm how to help this prospective resident. We discovered that she could stream a Korean channel with a smart TV. Our staff made it happen.

Today, the resident is happy, thriving, and rediscovering her skills when it comes to speaking English as she meets new people and enjoys activities on campus.

The Right Fit

One of Beatitudes Campus’ greatest strengths is the open and welcoming community. Diversity brings a wonderful exchange of ideas and cultures. It helps all of us–staff and residents alike–feel supported and connected.

Older adults who have lost a spouse often feel isolated and forgotten. Being around others who understand their feelings and share in their interests, can help create that sense of belonging again.

A lovely lady whose husband had passed away had retreated inward. Grief over his death along with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders made it challenging to socialize and stay active.

We heard from the lady’s financial advisor that she was interested in moving to a senior living community. Sadly, it was virtually impossible for her to make it through other community tours because of the toll the stress took on her.

Christy Marlowe, one of our residency counselors, agreed to meet with the lady and her financial advisor to talk about Beatitudes Campus. From here, I’ll let Christy, share what happened next.

“She was nervous and taking deep breaths. I learned that she attended support meetings. Once I mentioned we host weekly support meetings on campus, it was like a door opened. I told her about our Success Matters program with Jessica Myers, Director and Occupational Therapist, and Josephine Levy, Resource Navigator, assuring her that our priority is her safety and success as a resident. I invited her back to meet Jessica and take a tour of the apartments. This time, the woman was relaxed and excited. She was ready for a new beginning with the help of Beatitudes at Home, one of our support groups, in addition to companion care, activities, and opportunities that would allow her to start socializing again on her terms. I’m delighted to say she moved to our community 30 days later and is doing exceptionally well.”

As you can see, serving our friends and neighbors is our mission and our joy. We love going above and beyond every time. We invite you to see if Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, AZ is the right retirement community for you. To schedule a visit, call us at 602.910.2795. We’re always delighted to share more great stories like these.