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With an expensive holiday season and new year drawing near, now is a smart time to sharpen your focus on financial matters before being swept up in it all. With that in mind, how are you doing on planning for your financial future?

Do you have a sense yet of where you might live in your later years or how you’ll pay for expensive health care costs? What about supportive services — who will help you with running errands, managing medication, getting to the doctor, or recovering from an illness or surgery? As you know, time flies so it’s never too early to open the conversation and start exploring your options.

As a Life Plan retirement community in Phoenix, Beatitudes Campus’ approach to senior living offers a smart way to enhance your independence while also protecting your nest egg and preparing for your future needs. Here, you can live brightly with far fewer burdens and concerns. You’ll enjoy a vibrant, self-empowered life of real connections and meaningful friendships with interesting challenges and exciting opportunities.

Meanwhile, our approach to senior living helps put you ahead of the game, as they say, with a proactive Life Plan for your future needs — a safety net of sorts that gives you access to whatever supportive services or care you need when you need it. It’s all right here in one place for you: independent living, assisted living and memory care in Phoenix.

To choose the right retirement option, you need to know and understand the financial bottom line so you can plan appropriately. Specifically, you need answers to the question, “What’s the cost and what do I get for my money?” Beatitudes Campus offers a variety of planning resources to help you make well-informed decisions.

Be Smart

Find Your Best Financial Fit

Expenses are an important part of any future planning. When you’re ready to dive into the costs, benefits and overall value of moving to Beatitudes Campus, check out our Cost Calculator. It’s an easy way to compare your current expenses to the projected monthly cost for both entrance fee and rental apartments at Beatitudes Campus. It’s a quick assessment, only taking a few minutes from start to finish.

Try Our Cost Calculator

Be Curious

Wondering which senior living option might be right for you? Try this tool that lets you see what type of residential option fits your situation best, starting with independent living and assisted living. It’s easy. Just answer a few questions about your current living situation as well as your abilities and preferences, and we’ll show you options that best meet your goals.

See Your Options

Have questions?

If you have questions about any of our financial planning tools or want more details about floor plans, how our Life Plan works or even Beatitudes Campus in general, give us a call at 602.833.1358 or contact us through our online form below. We’ll be happy to help!

When it comes to retirement living, everyone has different preferences and expectations, which is why you’ll find a variety of residential options and financial plans at Beatitudes Campus. Each one has its advantages and benefits and can even be customized to your needs. If you’re looking to plan ahead and want to know more about your options, here’s a quick overview of your choices at Beatitudes Campus. 

Financial Plan Options

Essentially, we offer two types of residential agreements or financial plans — one includes a refundable entrance fee and the other is a flexible rental agreement. Each one is only available on select residences, with the entrance fee plan giving you more choices.  

It’s also important to note that whichever agreement and residence type you choose, you’re a full member and resident of the community. You’ll enjoy unlimited access to Beatitudes Campus’ activities, programs and amenities in a safe, walkable neighborhood with around-the-clock security. When you add it all up, that’s a lot of value for the price. 

1. Entrance Fee Agreement 

At life plan communities like Beatitudes Campus, an entrance fee agreement gives you priority access to onsite care and helps protect your estate for future generations. You pay a one-time refundable entrance fee and a monthly service fee. Because Beatitudes Campus loves giving you choices, a new plan was created this year that lowers your monthly fee and locks in the lower rate, protecting you from the rising prices that come with inflation, and giving you greater financial security.  

Available with Central Park Apartments, Patio Homes and the future Promenade Residences at Beatitudes Campus, our entrance fee agreement gives you maintenance-free living in your choice of our newest, most popular and largest residences on campus.  

It comes with 90 days of care in our onsite health center, as needed, at no additional cost, ensuring you have a strategy for future care that you control and direct. No matter your financial preferences, the entrance fee plan can be tailored specially for you.  

Residences Available with an Entrance Fee 

Central Park Apartments  

The Central Park Apartments provide a convenient, all-in-one choice that includes utilities, housekeeping, linen service and maintenance. Again, you also get 90 days of onsite care at no additional charge, if ever needed. You’ll find a large variety of floor plans too. 

  • Floor plans range between 655 to 1,384 square feet 
  • One- and two-bedroom styles 
  • Some floor plans feature a den, second bathroom or guest bath 
  • Balcony or patio 

Patio Homes 

The attached, single-level Patio Homes are set apart in their own neighborhood yet enable easy access to everything the community offers. They feature two patios and a spacious, open floor plan for indoor and outdoor entertaining. The Beatitudes Campus staff takes care of the housekeeping, maintenance and yard. You also get 90 days of onsite care at no additional charge. 

  • Floor plans range between 1,200 to 1,679 square feet 
  • Two- and three-bedroom styles, all include two bathrooms 
  • Two private patios  
  • Garage 
  • Upscale features and finishes 

Promenade Residences  

An entirely new senior living choice coming to Campus, the Promenade Residences will be a community of its own within Beatitudes Campus. The biggest advantage — it’s brand new. You’ll enjoy an all-new residence with a spacious floor plan customized with your choice of designer colors and finishes.  

It’s a streamlined, all-in-one choice that includes utilities, housekeeping, linen service and maintenance as well as 90 days of onsite care at no additional charge. Plus, the Promenade will offer the most requested amenities by today’s seniors. 

  • All-new spacious floor plans 
  • Choice of designer colors and finishes 
  • Bistro for made-to-order breakfast and lunch as well as grab-and-go snacks 
  • Fitness center with advanced exercise equipment designed for seniors and fitness and wellness classes 
  • Treed courtyard with a fire pit, chess tables and elevated gardens  
2. Rental Agreement

Exclusively available with the Plaza Apartments, our rental agreement gives you the flexibility of an affordable, month-to-month lease. If you ever need care, you or your health insurance will pay for it at the market rate. Streamlining your expenses, your monthly rent includes housekeeping, maintenance and all utilities. 

Residences Available for Rental

Plaza Apartments  

As a flexible month-to-month rental, the Plaza Apartments offer easy, maintenance-free living at an affordable price. Best of all, there’s no long-term lease required. Your rental fee includes housekeeping, maintenance and all utilities. You have unlimited access to everything — activities, amenities and programs — offered at Beatitudes Campus. 

  • Floor plans range between 385 to 730 square feet 
  • Studio, one- and two-bedroom styles, all include one bathroom 
  • Recently updated finishes and common spaces 

Ready to learn more?

You see, regardless of your lifestyle and financial preferences, Beatitudes Campus checks all of the boxes for independent living in Phoenix. To learn more and see the floor plans in person, we invite you to schedule a visit by calling 602.833.1358 or contacting us through our online form below. We’d love to answer your questions and show you around.