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Did you know that not all senior living communities are the same? By definition, life plan communities combine an enjoyable, worry-free lifestyle with access to a full continuum of care. But, what does that really mean for you or for an older adult you love? Here are the top seven things that set life plan communities apart from other senior living choices, including the option of staying in your current home.

  1. Life plan communities offer more freedom and flexibility than other options for aging in place. Your current home or even typical condo or apartment living can’t compete with all the options and opportunities available in a community like Beatitudes Campus. Don’t want to drive? Beatitudes Campus offers scheduled transportation. Don’t want to attend an event alone? You can go with a group of friends and neighbors. Bored? Check the calendar. There are more than 100 programs, activities and amenities available every month. As we get older, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. At Beatitudes Campus, you truly have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life in bigger, bolder ways.
  2. Life plan communities keep you in control better than other senior living options. Life plan communities like Beatitudes Campus are designed to support you with services and amenities that adapt to your needs as you age. Being able to call on these services easily ensures you don’t have to make a move, for say, when the time comes that you need help with grocery shopping, preparing meals or keeping track of your medications. In short, it’s easier to stay in control of your choices when where you live has what you need to remain independent.
  3. Life plan communities provide a plan for handling your future care needs. Much like the advantage of staying in control, life plan communities like Beatitudes Campus ensure you’re prepared for your future care needs. Planning ahead means you decide where you’ll go for care should you need it, not a family member, not a social worker — you. With a full continuum of support and senior health care services available onsite, from in-home care to assisted living to nursing care after surgery and more, you can stay in the community you love and not far from your friends and neighbors.
  4. Life plan communities offer financial stability. Life plan communities typically have a monthly fee that covers virtually everything, including your residence, utilities, housekeeping and maintenance as well as access to amenities, programs and entertainment. Having that predictable fee not only streamlines your expenses, it offers financial stability. In other words, you can plan better when there are no surprises.

What’s more, Beatitudes Campus has introduced a new Rate Lock Plan designed for our current times. The Rate Lock Plan protects you from inflation’s rising prices by lowering your monthly fee and freezing it in place. As the cost of utilities, rent, maintenance and other services rise, your cost stays the same. How’s that for financial stability?

  1. Life plan communities can be quite affordable without a steep upfront cost. There’s a misconception that all retirement communities are expensive or require a large upfront cost. In the case of Beatitudes Campus, that’s not true. Here, you’ll find residential options and financial agreements that suit a wide variety of preferences and budgets. You can choose an affordable, flexible month-to-month rental option or the protection of a refundable entrance fee with an upfront cost and return that fits you. If you’re curious about costs, try our Cost Comparison Tool to get a peek at your options.
  2. Life plan communities contribute to better health. While the health benefits of senior living communities have been written about extensively, we now have more evidence. An Age Well study by Mather Institute in partnership with Northwestern University is revealing that residents in life plan communities, in particular, are happier and healthier.
  3. Life plan communities offer help with move planning and coordination. Sometimes the biggest hurdle is the actual move itself. Between selling your house, finding the right moving company and cleaning out and packing your belongings, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Having been a part of the process for thousands of residents, life plan communities stand ready to help. Beatitudes Campus, for example, offers a free moving benefit through an expert partner that helps older adults transition to new homes. Your personal relocation manager guides you through the moving process so you can focus on what’s most important — enjoying your future.

Ready to learn more? Take a minute to download our Retirement Living Planning Guide then schedule a visit by calling 602.833.1358 or contacting us through our online form below. We’d love to answer your questions and show you around Beatitudes Campus.

Plan Now for the Future You Want

October is National Financial Planning Month, making it a great time to review your long-term planning and financial goals. If you’re not sure where to start, try thinking about what you want for your future. The questions below will help lay the foundation for the type of financial planning and lifestyle details you’ll need to research.

  • What types of activities, programs and amenities do you want easy access to?
  • What services will help make life easier for you as you get older?
  • Can you get assistance in your home if ever needed?
  • What type and size of residence would be ideal for aging healthy and safely?
  • Where will you go for future healthcare, such as skilled care or physical therapy and other rehabilitative therapies after surgery or an injury or illness?
  • How will you pay for your healthcare?
  • Which communities offer all of the things that you want and need?
  • What’s the cost to live in a senior living community?
  • What’s your timeline? Would moving sooner rather than later make the transition easier?

Start Your Research with These Financial Planning Resources

Thinking about and making decisions like these now not only ensures you have the future you want when you’re ready, it also brings security and comfort until then knowing you have a smart plan in place. To get there, you’ll need the information. At Beatitudes Campus, we give you all of the facts in black and white so you can decide for yourself.

Find out if a Life Plan community is right for you.

Get a broad overview of Life Plan communities, including the types of fees and financial plans they offer and what to look for when choosing a community.

Take a quick look at our cost and what’s included.

On the Beatitudes Campus website, you can see

Learn about the value of a Refundable Entrance Fee Plan.

A Refundable Entrance Fee helps protect your nest egg and ensures the stability of the community. Find out how.

Try our Cost Comparison Calculator.

Spend a few minutes with our Cost Comparison Calculator to see which residential options at Beatitudes Campus are a good fit for your needs and your financial situation.

Get an Overview of Beatitudes Campus

We invite you to learn about senior living at Beatitudes Campus. We make independent living easier by providing thoughtful services and amenities as well as onsite healthcare should you ever need it.

You’ll find residential options — from apartments and patio homes — in a variety of sizes and styles. Whatever you choose, our attentive staff takes care of the chores. Plus, you have access to restaurants, health and wellness opportunities, educational programs, entertainment and more.

It all adds up to make everyday living easier and more enjoyable, and it’s all covered by one monthly fee. With everything taken care of and conveniences close by if you need them, you’ll have fewer worries and a sense of certainty — surely a pleasant respite from all the unknowns.

Whatever move you make, you want to be certain that you’ve chosen wisely. With more than 55 years of experience, Beatitudes Campus is a trusted resource for older adults who want to live in a vibrant, active senior living community. The Beatitudes’ staff and residents lead the way, working together to create a very special community that helps make life better and more secure for everyone.

Let’s talk about it!

For more financial planning resources for seniors, call us today at 602.883.1358 or send us a note using the form below. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook to see more of the active senior lifestyle at Beatitudes Campus.