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Exploring The Community

When choosing the right senior living option for you, exploring the community is one of the best ways to get a feel for daily life and what you can expect while living there. If you’re following along with our quick start senior living guide, you’ll remember we discussed first setting your expectations and goals in step 1. In step 2, we provided resources for how to compare your different options.

Step 3 of our quick start senior living guide brings you to exploring the community for yourself. Visiting the community on-site is a great way to get a sense of the grounds, meet the staff, and decide if it’s a good fit. However, visiting on-site isn’t the only way to explore the community. Virtual options also allow you to discover floor plan options and explore the lifestyle and entertainment opportunities.

Take a look at a few tips for how to explore all that a community has to offer.

Step 3

Explore Beatitudes Campus 

As you progress on your senior living journey, keep in mind that we have lots of resources to help you with your decision. As questions arise, please reach out to us by calling 602.883.1358 or send us a note using the form below. We’ll be happy to share more resources with you and answer your questions. We’d also love to show you around Beatitudes Campus with a campus tour.

And when you’re ready for the next step, check back for step 4!

It seems healthy aging is a popular topic these days for people of every generation. Perhaps it’s because September is Healthy Aging Month or maybe because research shows how exercise and healthy eating now can have profound effects on our health tomorrow.

We know from science that there are many other dimensions of good health. At Beatitudes Campus, we take healthy aging seriously. We use a holistic approach to health and wellness that encompasses mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. In fact, we live by a fundamental philosophy that celebrates and supports healthy aging in all ways.

Leroy Calbom, who lives at Beatitudes Campus with his wife, Rita, described living at Beatitudes Campus this way, “It’s an ideal place to live with minimal demands and optimum opportunities, to respect diversity and celebrate the inclusiveness of being together as a family.”

Through our Success Matters program, you have access to a wide variety of services and resources that make life easier and enhance your overall well-being as you age. Perhaps you have questions about medical paperwork, need more information about Medicare coverage, want to coordinate transportation or have groceries delivered, find a support group or something else entirely, our experts can help.

Practicing healthy aging can help improve the quality of your life going forward. If you’re interested, read on to see how our community promotes healthy aging and independent living in your senior years.

Healthy Aging Opportunities at Beatitudes Campus

  • Be Social At Beatitudes Campus, you’ll discover incredibly welcoming and friendly residents in a casual atmosphere that feels like family.
  • Try Something New — In our community, residents coordinate and direct campus programs. With more than 100 activities, you’re sure to find something you enjoy. If you don’t see what you’re interested in, you can help start a club or activity or suggest one to the community’s life enrichment team.
  • Be A Part of the Neighborhood —Beatitudes Campus offers a thriving community on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood. With less time spent maintaining a home, you can truly enjoy the community you live in.
  • Stay Curious Learning offers enormous benefits as we age. From the beginning, our senior living community has embraced the pursuit of knowledge. With our Lifelong Learners program, it’s easy to stretch your imagination, feed your curiosity and learn new things.
  • Be Proactive and Keep Moving — Take advantage of the fitness center, pool, walking paths and other Beatitudes Campus amenities to stay active and in control of your health.

More Resources on Healthy Aging

To learn more about how Beatitudes Campus’ services and amenities enhance wellness later in life, check out our blog on senior health and fitness or this blog on how physical activity benefits older adults. You’ll also find great tips for adding healthy habits to your everyday life. (Tips like sharing meals with others to breaking a familiar routine.)

If you love animals, you’re sure to read our blog on how pets can be good for your health as you age. It also includes details about how Beatitudes Campus is a pet-friendly senior living community. We want both you and your furry friends to feel welcome.

We invite you to come for a visit and see our holistic approach to healthy aging in person. Schedule a time to join us on campus and learn about our community. Call us at 602.833.1358 or send us a note using the form below.

Your Guide to Navigating the Right Senior Living Choice

We’re back with step 2 of our quick start senior living guide. A guide to help you navigate the right senior living choice for you. This series will provide you with practical information to help you make decisions about your retirement planning. Better yet, we’ll walk you step by step through the process. In step 1, we discussed how to set your expectations and goals.

With 55 years of serving and helping seniors, we understand how confusing the process of choosing a senior living lifestyle can be. That’s why we’re here to help. With Beatitudes Campus, you can be certain that you have a trusted guide through it all.

To help keep you informed, we have lots of resources available that explain what your options are and how to compare those options, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have along the way. We have programs that let you get to know us better and build friendships before ever moving in, that help with the entire moving process, and help you get acclimated to the community as a newcomer, and much more.

However, before making any important choice, it’s best to understand all of the options in front of you. After setting your goals and expectations, it’s time to research and compare.

Step 2

Compare Your Options

When you’re ready for more, check back for steps 3 & 4 of the Quick Start Senior Living Guide series.

We welcome you to reach out to us with any questions you have. And if you’re ready to get a glimpse of our community, you can schedule an in-person visit by calling us at 602.883.1358 or by using the form below. We look forward to helping you find your perfect senior living fit!

Future Expansion Offers Right Place In The Right Community At The Right Time

When Beatitudes Campus began its new expansion of Patio Homes, Marta and Tom Brooks of Phoenix, Arizona, were interested but the timing felt off. They weren’t quite ready to move yet. However, when the senior living community announced its latest expansion, the Promenade Residences, would be coming in 2023, they jumped at the opportunity to be the first in line to choose their new place.

“We’ve been thinking about and planning for the future. We like the idea of living in a community that offers helpful services, maintenance-free living and care options. We’ve looked at quite a number actually, both here in Phoenix and in Flagstaff, where my husband’s daughter lives,” said Marta. “Beatitudes Campus was the best fit for us. The Promenade Residences offered the perfect solution. We could get our choice of a new place and we didn’t have to move in immediately.”

For Marta, a retired healthcare executive and former nurse, Beatitudes Campus was a top choice from the beginning. She had previously worked with the community in her role at a not-for-profit organization.

“I had worked with Beatitudes Campus as well as other senior living communities on a professional level for some time. My familiarity with the staff and the day-to-day operations made me very comfortable with them,” she said.

Charter Members Get First Choice

As part of the expansion, Beatitudes Campus developed the Promenade Charter Membership program to give future residents the ability to learn about and evaluate the plans for the new residences and get to know Beatitudes Campus better. Those who are ready to take the next step can choose their favorite floor plan and location from the available residences. As the first Promenade Charter Members, Marta and Tom had their pick of any place in the building. They chose a spacious Two-Bedroom Grand apartment on the corner.

“We both love the layout. I particularly find it appealing with its open great room and the location of the guest room versus the master bedroom and the spaciousness of the storage and closets,” said Marta. “We’re absolutely delighted with the way they organized the layout of the property to include resources in the building without having them right at your front door.”

Promenade Charter Members enjoy other benefits too, including lower pricing, choice of features, finishes and upgrades, invitations to special events and more.

“We especially liked being able to hear about the plans before anyone else and the ability to choose where we wanted to live,” said Marta. “Plus, we’ve been able to participate in some of the decisions about the interior finishes, which was nice.”

Making The Transition

Even as exciting as it is to watch one’s plans come into focus, the thought of making a move can still feel daunting. For Tom, a retired judge and lifelong Arizona resident, moving from his home of 40 years feels bittersweet. To help ease the transition, Beatitudes Campus offers a variety of moving resources.

“He’s been living here since 1982 and making the transition is a big deal. Thankfully, Beatitudes Campus offers so much support for the move. He definitely didn’t realize how valuable that is,” said Marta. “I was an Army brat and lived in 27 different houses, not counting transition housing so moving to me is something I could do in my sleep.”

Along with help with moving, Beatitudes Campus offers one-on-one assistance from a residency counselor.

“Part of the pleasure of this experience has been working with our residency counselor, Sara Paull. She has become a member of the family. She’s very responsive and absolutely wonderful, and a reflection of the nature of the staff at Beatitudes Campus,” said Marta.

Summing It Up

With all that the Beatitudes Campus lifestyle offers, what are Marta and Tom most excited about when thinking about their future move into the Promenade Residences?

“There’s a certain burden with homeownership and that burden becomes larger as you get older. It’s harder to get things done. When the time comes, we’ll like not having the constant concern about living in an older house and our ability to keep up with things,” said Marta. “We won’t even have to change a lightbulb.”

So, you feel like you picked the right place in the right community at the right time?

“You can say that. No question. I already feel a sense of belonging,” she said.

For more information about the Promenade Residences or becoming a Charter Member, call (602) 833-1358 or contact us through our online form below.

Your Guide To Navigating The Right Senior Living Choice

Are you curious about senior living but not sure where to start? We can help. At Beatitudes Campus, we’ve been offering older adults a vibrant lifestyle infused with laughter, learning, health and wellness for more than 55 years. Thousands of wonderful friends and neighbors have called our community home. To answer your questions and fulfill your curiosity, we are introducing a Quick Start Senior Living Guide series. This series will provide practical information to help you move forward and make the choice that’s right for you. In following each step, you can be certain you’re not only well-informed but also on the correct path to a more secure, enjoyable future that meets your needs and aspirations.

As you read through each step of our Quick Start Senior Living Guide, keep in mind we have lots of resources available that explain what your options are, how to compare those options and their costs as well as the value you get in return for your money. We have programs that let you get to know us better and build friendships before ever moving in, that help with the entire moving process, and help you get acclimated to the community as a newcomer, and much more.

It’s time to take the worry out of the senior living decision. With Beatitudes Campus, you can be certain that you have a trusted guide through it all. Our Quick Start Senior Living Guide starts by offering resources to help set your expectations and goals. When you’re ready for more, check back for steps 2-4 for the rest of the Quick Start Senior Living Guide series.

Step 1

Set Your Expectations & Goals

  • Make a list of your current and future needs based on your finances, health and abilities, and lifestyle preferences.
  • Outline your expectations and aspirations for the future. Have fun with this and consider enlisting friends and family in the conversation.
  • Request our Retirement Planning Guide. It offers an easy, interactive way of thinking through what’s most important to you.
  • Establish a loose timeframe for making a choice and one for making your move. Check out this great advice about the best time to make your move.

For more resources like this Quick Start Senior Living Guide or to schedule an in-person visit, call us today at (602) 883-1358 or connect with us using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing any resources or information to help you with your decisions!

When you’re ready, check out step 2!

The nation’s largest older adult health and wellness event, now in its 28th year, is May 26. National Senior Health & Fitness Day® will see 100,000 seniors in 1,000-plus locations participating in local health and wellness events.

We embrace and affirm this special day, pointing to our long-standing dedication to creating the community setting in which seniors can readily engage in healthy, fit lifestyles. We’re coming out of a year in which a pandemic has limited access and activity for everyone. Therefore, this is an especially good time to ramp up your personal wellness practices.

Start Simple.

Consider basics, such as:

  • Healthy eating. Meaning, you should try to avoid the bad fats, control portions, get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, include nuts, trim the salt—and do what your doctor tells you.
  • Dinner guests. Friendship is good for you, and during shared meals, you’re likely to eat less.
  • Body & brain exercise. Strength-building and cardio training take care of what’s below your chin but also remember to go upstairs to keep your brain growing. Reading, writing, word and memory games—it’s all good for the gray matter.
  • Falling is a health risk and adding balance exercises to your fitness routine can help you avoid accidents.
  • Breaking routines. While the familiar brings comfort, trying something new or doing something differently can stimulate you mentally and physically.

The All-In-One Wellness Move.

Families often remark on the myriad improvements they observe in their loved ones after a move to a senior living community. It could be the food, the socially engaging environment, the programs and activities, or even the freedom from homeownership responsibilities. Or simply the entire lifestyle’s effect on the resident.

Serving One Purpose Above All.

Senior living communities offer a setting for healthy living.

John Shilling, Director of Life Enrichment at Beatitudes Campus, oversees resident-serving departments at the community. His Life Enrichment team coordinates campus-wide services, including fitness, transportation and programs.

By creating meaningful opportunities for engagement, Life Enrichment fulfills the community’s purpose—to enrich residents’ lives. In doing so, the team must also rely on residents to share their ideas for what they want.

“We create an environment where there are no walls—where every Beatitudes resident feels welcome in every program,” John says.

“Anyone Can Make Their Ideas Come To Life.”

Senior living communities typically offer a variety of programs for life enrichment. However, Beatitudes Campus is among the few that provide such depth and breadth of programming—with many originating from residents’ expressed interests.

  • Art gallery exhibits
  • Art studio
  • Ceramics and painting classes
  • Gardening areas and walking paths
  • Three dog parks
  • Musical and dance performances
  • Woodworking shop
  • Committees, clubs and special interest groups
  • Educational programs
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Spiritual programs
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Bocce ball court
  • Fitness Center with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Fitness classes
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Motion studio for exercise and fitness classes
  • Putting green

In addition, Beatitudes Campus residents can also continue to learn. The Beatitudes Center for Lifelong Learning offers spring, summer and fall semesters, with as many as two dozen courses each semester. Plus, new courses are continuously in development—as resources become available or when residents express their interest.

Wellness Is A Point Of View.

In short, integrating wellness practices—the life enrichment that comes from fitness, socializing and learning—makes for a way of life not possible outside the community setting. That’s why life in a senior living community is good for your well-being. And it’s why so many new residents say, “I wish I’d moved here sooner.”

So, on National Senior Health & Fitness Day, take up the challenge of enriching your life. Ramp up your personal wellness practices. Call (602) 833-1358 to schedule a tour at Beatitudes Campus or submit a form online.

Discover how a healthy, fit lifestyle can be an ideal choice for you and your family.