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The holidays are a wonderful time to catch up with family and friends, share in special traditions, enjoy your favorite foods and create new memories. Visits with older relatives can also be helpful in spotting health issues, especially if you don’t see each other often.

In between the laughter and sips of eggnog, take some time to look for the early signs of dementia. Catching Alzheimer’s disease or other memory issues early gives you, your loved one and your family more time to plan for the future. Of course, more time to plan means more options, including supportive services offered by senior living communities like Beatitudes Campus.

During your visit, be sure to watch for these and other early signs of dementia. Don’t panic if you see something concerning. Some signs may be attributed to something else, such as side effects from a medication, vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep, low blood sugar, dehydration, injury due to a fall or other medical conditions. Unlike dementia, these can generally be reversed. If your loved one exhibits one or more of these early warning signs, a thorough exam by a doctor will help rule out another underlying cause.

6 Early Signs of Dementia

  1. Difficulty with complex tasks such as following a recipe, balancing a checkbook, playing a game or completing a puzzle. It takes a fair amount of cognitive brain power to process and properly implement a list of sequential actions, track and pay bills and adapt to changing situations as in gameplay. If your loved one isn’t able to engage in activities they once did easily, please bring this to the attention of a doctor.
  2. Difficulty following conversations or storylines in movies and TV shows. Holding a conversation with friends and neighbors challenges the brain in numerous ways — memory, comprehension, reasoning, empathy and more. The same holds true for following plots in movies and TV shows. If an extrovert is now avoiding conversations or a long-time movie buff is only watching 24-hour cable news, they may be experiencing some cognitive issues, especially when paired with other signs.
  3. Loss of smell and taste. Is your loved one not eating as much or not enjoying holiday meals as they typically would? Allergies, smoking and COVID-19 can lead to a loss of smell and taste. However, some studies show it could be an early indication of problems in the part of the brain that processes these senses.
  4. Vision changes. Alzheimer’s disease can cause trouble with spatial relationships, depth perception and peripheral vision, even distinguishing between colors. Watch to see if your loved one bumps into furniture often, sets objects on the edge of tables and counters, gets into minor scrapes while driving or has trouble seeing the color of their pills. A standard eye test can detect structural changes in the retina and optic nerve, which may help identify seniors at risk for dementia.
  5. Repeatedly putting objects in strange places. From time to time, everyone misplaces something or absentmindedly puts an object in a weird place like socks in the refrigerator instead of the washer. If it seems to happen a lot, seek a doctor’s evaluation.
  6. Paranoia and unfounded accusations. As the underlying cause of dementia, whether from a disease or other medical condition, damages the brain, it can affect how a person perceives reality. It often leads to paranoia, a feeling of danger and mistrust in family and friends. Please don’t take this personally. Your loved one can’t help how they feel. Like other early warning signs of Alzheimer’s, it could be caused by an infection, medication, sleep deprivation, electrolyte imbalance or another medical condition. Make an appointment for your loved one to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Experts caution family members not to consider these symptoms in isolation but within the context of the person’s overall health. Even healthy people may exhibit mild symptoms but never develop dementia. Still, early warning signs are a signal to reach out for a doctor’s exam.

If you’re wondering if it’s the right time to seek help for your loved one, we invite you to learn more with our quick assessment tool. After answering a few questions, you’ll get personalized results in just four minutes.

When is the right time to get help for your loved one?

Find Out Now

Trusted Memory Support in Phoenix

Should you or someone you love need memory support, Beatitudes Campus specializes in appropriate extended-care living options for older adults. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, our retirement community offers a full continuum of choices, including independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation therapies, home care, skilled nursing care and memory care. Our award-winning and nationally recognized Comfort Matters® program ensures residents with dementia enjoy the flexibility, freedom and respect to pursue their personal interests in a safe, nurturing setting.

To learn more about memory support at Beatitudes Campus, call 602.833.1358 or contact us online []. We’re here to help.


If you live in a region that gets extremely cold or snowy in the winter, you’ve probably wondered from time to time what it would be like to live someplace warm and pleasant. Now, as the temperatures drop and the snow piles up, the idea of a sunny day to walk, garden or lounge by the pool can start to feel like an all-too-distant dream. It doesn’t have to be!

This winter, we invite you to leave the cold behind and enjoy a trial getaway at Beatitudes Campus independent living in Phoenix, Arizona. Come experience what life is like on the greener side, where you don’t need a heavy winter coat or a snow shovel for that matter.

You’ll learn how and where you might fit into our community and see how your day unfolds without worry. Here in paradise, our staff takes care of the maintenance and housekeeping chores, leaving you plenty of time to explore your world your way.

A Great Getaway for Our Cold-Weather Friends

With our special Winter Stay & Play offer, you can stay with us for up to 120 days and explore the Valley’s abundance of attractions, cultural opportunities, award-winning dining and more. Best of all, you’ll enjoy it enveloped in Phoenix’s mild temperatures and gorgeous sunshine.

Plus, as a guest of Beatitudes Campus, you’ll have access to our entire community and its many amenities and programs. You can enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. Take a yoga or tai chi class. Attend a musical performance. Get creative in the art studio. Dine in any of the restaurants. And more!

If you’ve ever considered moving to a retirement community in Phoenix, this trial stay is your chance to get an extended look at our vibrant lifestyle — a no-obligation, try-it-before-you-buy-it test drive.

Top 5 Reasons Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix Makes a Great Getaway

  1. Mild weather — Leave the frigid temperatures and snow shoveling behind and enjoy the blue skies of Phoenix .
  2. Opportunity to try new things — You’ll find a variety of enjoyable activities and programs on campus all winter long, in the thriving 19North neighborhood, and throughout the greater Phoenix area . From Cirque du Soleil and hot air balloon rides to concerts and special exhibits, there’s something for everyone this time of year. Plus, in February 2023, Phoenix plays host to Super Bowl LVII and the Phoenix Open if you’re in the mood for some high-powered spectator sports.
  3. Comforts of home — Set the right mood for your getaway by skipping the hotel. Staying in a furnished, one-bedroom Beatitudes Campus apartment means you’ll be able to stretch out in the extra space, pop leftovers in your refrigerator, sip cocktails on the balcony and take a walk around campus in the evening. In other words, you’ll feel safe, secure and at home. You can even bring your pet.
  4. All-inclusive and affordable — With our Winter Stay & Play offer, you can choose to stay for 30 days or the entire winter (up to 4 months) for as little as $115 a day, depending on the number of people and the length of your stay. Your all-inclusive getaway comes with a $200-a-month dining allowance per person at campus restaurants, biweekly housekeeping, internet service, DIRECTV®, phone line and more. Plus, you have access to campus exercise and wellness programs as well as social, cultural, spiritual and recreational opportunities.
  5. No-obligation preview of community living — Come experience our vibrant lifestyle, explore Phoenix and find out if Beatitudes Campus is the right fit for you.

To learn more about our special Winter Stay & Play offer, call 602.833.1358 or contact us online. We look forward to seeing you!


10th annual charity auction of designer handbags rolls out the red carpet on November 6

If you or someone you care about appreciates fabulous fashion, here’s an opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of lively entertainment while supporting a great cause. On Sunday, November 6, Power of the Purse, Beatitudes Campus’ most popular charity event, returns for its 10th year.

Our signature fundraiser features a live auction fashion show and silent auction of new and gently loved designer handbags from Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach and more. In addition to designer purses, the silent auction features curated collections that include specialty items, such as food, wine and jewelry. Special guest Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego will join us as the keynote speaker and red-carpet model during the live auction fashion show.

Annual fundraiser supports Beatitudes Campus residents and programs

In 2022, Power of the Purse celebrates an important milestone — 10 years of supporting initiatives, programs and healthcare that enhance the lives of older adults. Every year, the beloved charity benefit attracts greater interest from people of all ages. In honor of the 10th anniversary, this year’s live auction fashion show and silent auction promise to be bigger and better than ever.

We invite you to join us. Come sip champagne, savor chef’s appetizers, browse beautiful purses and watch a lively fashion show. Just by being here, you’ll be doing some good in the world while, hopefully, claiming the winning bid on a gorgeous handbag.

“One-hundred percent of ticket sales and auction proceeds support initiatives and programs for the campus,” Beatitudes Campus President & CEO, Michelle Just

“One-hundred percent of ticket sales and auction proceeds support initiatives and programs for the campus,” says Beatitudes Campus President & CEO, Michelle Just. One of those programs is the Resident Assistance Fund, which provides financial scholarships to Beatitudes Campus residents who may have outlived their personal assets through no fault of their own. Power of the Purse proceeds also support the Comfort Matters® program, an award-winning dementia care program dedicated to improving the quality of care and the quality of life for people living with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Everyone is welcome to attend

Tickets for Power of the Purse are $95 and sponsorship opportunities are available. To purchase tickets, donate or become a sponsor for the Power of the Purse event, call 602-995-6136 or visit

Get your tickets now!


When was the last time you picked up a good book and lost a few hours to the story between its covers? In a busy, noisy world, ‘Read a New Book’ Month reminds us to find a cozy spot and devote some quiet time to the simple pleasures of reading.

In doing so, you’ll be in good company. More than 70% of adults read at least one book in the past year, according to a 2021 Statista report. Turns out, all that time spent in the pages is really good for our minds — but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Reading gives your memory and imagination a workout, strengthening your brain’s neural network. It’s an enjoyable and safe form of escapism that helps you relax and takes your mind off your worries, which reduces stress and anxiety. Studies also show that avid readers are better at processing information, probably because of all that practice meeting new characters and following meandering storylines.

Harvard Health says it plainly, “Reading books may add years to your life,” referring to a Yale University research study. With so much to gain, September’s ‘Read a Book Month’ is a nudge to dust off an old favorite or pick up a book that’s new to you.

A community of book lovers

If you love to read, you’ll enjoy life at Beatitudes Campus, our retirement community in Phoenix. Here, you’ll find a fantastic library of books, movies and music curated and managed by resident librarians. And, yes, you can join the volunteer librarians in caring for the collection, which gives you an early peek at the latest books.

Another way to get plugged into our community of book lovers is by joining the book club, which adds a nice dose of socializing and allows you to see the same words and stories in another light. In other words, reading books, especially when you digest all of their juicy bits alongside other readers, lights your mental fire.

Or, read aloud with a child! Along with a love of exploring and learning, you’ll foster curiosity and connection — something we could all use these days. If you like the idea of volunteering your time to read with and to others, be sure to ask about the many volunteer opportunities at Beatitudes Campus.

Ready to learn more?

We invite you to visit our independent living community here in Phoenix to see all the ways you can enjoy connecting with others over your favorite pastimes, including reading. To schedule a visit, call 602.833.1358 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy reading!

Did you know your curiosity and love of learning are good for your mind and body? Research into senior health shows that the process of learning late in life offers big benefits, including improving memory, slowing cognitive decline, reducing depression and boosting self-esteem.

To enjoy these and other benefits of learning, it’s important to choose activities and hobbies that actually challenge you in some way. A study published in the journal Psychological Science showed that only participants who learned a new skill gained significant benefits. If you’re ready to explore learning opportunities as a way to improve your health, keep these suggestions from experts in mind.

To get the most out of lifelong learning:

  • Choose fresh topics, ideas and experiences. If you’re in your comfort zone, you’re not learning.
  • Challenge yourself. Do something that requires your sustained focus as well as time and effort to develop proficiency and understanding.
  • Pick something you enjoy. Do you like astronomy, history or art? Have you always wanted to try photography or learn to ride a motorcycle? Choosing something you enjoy means you’ll be more likely to stick with it.
  • Learn a new language or skill. They’re among the most effective ways to improve your brain health.
  • Combine the mental and physical. Now you have more reasons than ever to learn to tango, try pickleball or take up tai chi. Challenging your mind and body at the same time offers even greater benefits for your brain.
  • Share what you know. Consider sharing your knowledge or skill, either through teaching a class or mentoring a student.
  • Add people. Whether you’re taking a group class, teaching others or discussing juicy plots in a book club, the interaction and socializing help your health.
  • Do it often. Your brain benefits most when you’re actively using it. Be sure to mix in learning opportunities — big and small — all year long.


One of the best things seniors can do for mind and body — choose an engaging place to live that fosters learning.

At Beatitudes Campus, our senior living community in Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll find it’s easy to keep learning. You can pursue your interests, gain new knowledge, learn new skills and reap the benefits that come with it.

In fact, our entire community has been built on that very idea. From the beginning, our founders created Beatitudes Campus to reflect the vibrant learning and open, welcoming atmosphere of a college campus. With more than 100 programs and activities offered every month, you’ll discover learning happens organically and enjoyably all around you.

The heart of learning here is the Beatitudes Campus Center for Lifelong Learning. Emulating a traditional academic setting, the Lifelong Learners program features nearly two-dozen non-credit courses each semester held in spring, summer and fall.

The courses continually change but often include popular subjects such as astronomy, architecture, literature, history and foreign languages. In addition to learning about art, music and science, you can also build your skills with technology you use every day such as the internet, computers and tablets. Residents manage the program, choose the classes and print a course catalog every semester.

Beyond gaining new knowledge or learning a new skill, Beatitudes Campus’ classes encourage participants to explore and discuss topics and exchange ideas without the stress of tests and grades. This dynamic socializing offers a number of health benefits, including better physical health, a lower risk of dementia and possibly living longer. Evidence suggests that socializing is good for your brain health, according to Psychology Today. “People who connect with others generally perform better on tests of memory and other cognitive skills.”

Register for a class

The classes taught through the Beatitudes Campus Center for Lifelong Learning are open to prospective residents. We invite you to register for an upcoming class. It’s a great way to experience our academic atmosphere for yourself, and without obligation.

To register for a class or schedule a visit to hear more about how Beatitudes Campus fosters learning, simply give us a call at 602.833.1358 or contact us through our online form below.

Plan Your Move

Are you getting ready to plan your move? Packing up all of your belongings may seem like a daunting task. But with a plan of action and helpful tips, you’ll be on your way to a smooth move in no time. To help simplify the process, we’re sharing our resources and tips for downsizing and planning your move.

If you need a refresher of our first 3 steps of the quick start senior living guide, check out our blogs on setting expectations and goals, comparing your options, and exploring the community.

Step 4

  • Ask us how we can help make your move easier and more affordable through our Moving Made Easy partnership program with Moving Station. With one-on-one support from a personal relocation manager, you’ll receive help with relocation decisions and advice from real estate experts.
  • Start simplifying and organizing your furnishings and belongings now so you don’t feel rushed later. Check out this advice on downsizing for tips to make the process go more smoothly.

Ask Beatitudes Campus 

As you work towards your move, we’re to help you along the way. We would love to share with you what we’ve learned over our many years of helping older adults transition into community living. Call 602.883.1358 for any questions you may have or send us a note using the form below.