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The Beatitudes Center for Lifelong Learners

If you have a curious mind and an interest in learning, you’ll love living at Beatitudes Campus. From the very beginning, our senior living community has embraced and honored the joyful pursuit of knowledge and the greater understanding that comes with it.

Entirely managed by residents, our Lifelong Learners program features nearly two-dozen non-credit courses each semester. You can take classes on astronomy, architecture, literature, history, foreign languages and more. In addition to learning about art, music and science, you can also build your skills with the technology you use every day such as the Internet, computers and tablets.

There are no grades or tests. The relaxed classes foster an atmosphere of true learning by encouraging discussion, exploration and understanding. Continually updated with the latest research and knowledge, the courses are taught by college professors, entrepreneurs, artists, campus staff and resident experts.

  • Three semesters – spring, fall and summer
  • Nearly two-dozen courses each semester
  • Courses continually change
  • Small registration fee
  • Open to all residents and their families as well as staff and prospective residents
Popular Courses
  • Astronomy
  • Literature of the Southwest
  • Great Poets
  • Kings and Queens of England
  • Architectural Styles
  • History of the Violin
  • Foreign Languages — Spanish, German, French
  • Skill Building — Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, Internet, Email

Learn more about the Lifelong Learners program, call 602-910-2795.

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