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Most of us are familiar with how tangible things get better with age. Wines develop more complex flavors and aromas, while aged whiskey often has a smoother, more refined taste than younger varieties. High-quality leather goods soften and develop a unique patina. Jeans become more comfortable as they conform to the shape of your body. Art and collectibles, like vintage toys or coins, gain character and value. Cast iron skillets transform into natural, nonstick wonders that enhance cooking performance. Cheeses, like Parmesan, cheddar and Gouda, mature and develop richer, more intense flavors.

But it’s not only things you can see, taste and touch that get better with age. Life gets better with age — it’s one of the many advantages of getting older. This blog explores things that age well and how Beatitudes Campus residents are getting better with age as they live amplified lives filled with passion and purpose.

Vintage Vibes: Nine Things That Get Better With Time

What gets better with age? Quite a bit, actually! Here’s our top nine list of things that enhance over time.

  1. Wisdom: Time is the ultimate teacher. With every year, we gather more life lessons, insights and experiences, shaping our understanding of the world and guiding our actions with newfound wisdom.
  1. Relationships: Like a fine wine, friendships and relationships mature and deepen with time. Shared experiences and memories create unbreakable bonds, offering support, laughter and companionship through life’s journey.
  1. Confidence: There’s nothing quite like the self-assurance that comes with age. We grow more comfortable in our own skin, embracing our strengths and quirks with confidence and pride.
  1. Memories: Our memories become cherished treasures as the years roll on. They remind us of our life’s journey, each a snapshot of the moments that shaped us.
  1. Patience and resilience: Life teaches us patience, showing that good things take time. Along the way, we also learn resilience, bouncing back stronger from setbacks and challenges.
  1. Perspective and self-awareness: With age comes a broader perspective. We gain the ability to see situations from different angles, leading to greater understanding. We also become more attuned to our own strengths, weaknesses and values, enhancing personal growth.
  1. Skills: Practice makes perfect, especially when it involves the pursuit of knowledge. Over time, we hone our lifelong learning skills in various areas, whether it’s trying a new recipe, learning a language, playing a musical instrument or mastering a sport.
  1. Gratitude: The older we get, the more we appreciate the people, experiences and blessings in our lives. A deeper sense of gratitude enriches our days and brings us joy.
  1. You: Yes, you top our list of things that age well. With every passing year, seniors become more refined, resilient and remarkable versions of themselves, so remember to embrace the beauty of aging.

Things That Age Well: Beatitudes Campus Residents

At Beatitudes Campus, residents get better with age and appreciate the journey of growing older on their terms. They’ve created a true community where they’re living brightly and aging boldly while enriching the lives of their friends, neighbors and members of the Phoenix community.

Resident Kathy runs the foreign books section for the Volunteer Nonprofit Service Association Used Book Sale, and she has donated several books to our Health Care Center. Always up for a challenge, she recently stretched her comfort zone with a trip to Mongolia and a rafting adventure with a friend down the Colorado River.

As dedicated gardening group members, Melissa and Mike poured their hearts into helping research and redesign our campus Community Garden, creating a beautiful, welcoming and functional space for all to enjoy.

Hobbs and Marabeth’s support has been invaluable to assisted living residents in Plaza View and others facing cognitive challenges, helping many of them age in place longer and engage in meaningful community activities.

After retiring, Joan embraced a new adventurous spirit by skydiving out of planes, obtaining her concealed carry permit and getting inked up with tattoos.

Judy makes a lasting impact on young lives by mentoring students, serving on the board of a local charter school and sponsoring first-generation college students. Mae has nearly single-handedly crocheted all the prayer shawls for our Life Center, offering comfort and warmth to those in need at hospitals and beyond.

Leading our Cards for Kindness® group, Sandy has been a prolific contributor to the nationwide movement, donating the most cards among Arizona participants. Conrad and Evelyn have developed curriculum and educational presentations on dementia, memory care and mental health in aging, providing invaluable resources and knowledge to our community.

Visit our Lifestyle section to explore the advantages of getting older at Beatitudes Campus and more examples of residents who are getting better with age.

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