It’s devastating when someone you love begins to have trouble thinking or is diagnosed with dementia. If you’re like most of us, your mind starts swirling with worry, and you can feel precious time slipping away.

Then come the questions about what’s next. Will Dad’s memory and ability to think worsen? What can we expect as that happens? Is Dad safe at home? What can we do to make his life easier? What’s the right type of care and support, and where do we find it? What’s ahead for Mom and Dad, and for our family? Where do we go from here?

At Beatitudes Campus, we’re the experts in memory care, and we can help. We developed Comfort Matters®, a nationally and internationally recognized program designed to improve your loved one’s quality of life and care.

In 2005, we partnered with leading experts to develop the very best memory support at Beatitudes Campus based on science and research. We helped so many families along the way that we wanted to share what we learned. Our award-winning Comfort Matters® program has appeared in more than 30 scholarly journals and books. We’ve trained caregivers in 12 states and 22 countries.

Know your options

We know it’s hard to face the truth about Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. When you’re ready, please call us. One of our Transition Coordinators will help you and your family by answering your questions about dementia openly and honestly and directing you to resources such as support groups. They’ll discuss your options for caring for and supporting your Dad or loved one, during this difficult time, starting with helpful services provided in his own home.

If staying at home isn’t an option for Dad, Beatitudes Campus offers the Virginia G. Piper Residences. These residences are specifically designed for people with early-stage memory challenges. It provides the perfect combination of flexibility and freedom with just enough help so that Dad is safe, happy and comfortable. The staff takes care of everything, including meals, medications, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance. We even provide transportation to medical appointments.

Your Dad will feel comfortable and independent by setting his own schedule and routine, and choosing which entertainment, activities and programs are of interest to him. Dining is also available around the clock.

If Dad develops moderate or advanced memory challenges, Beatitudes Campus’ Vermilion Cliffs is an option. The caring, compassionate staff focuses on making Dad as comfortable as possible. Our caregivers are highly trained through our Comfort Matters® program to anticipate your Dad’s needs even as it becomes harder for him to express himself.

Stay in control

At Beatitudes Campus, we understand that control and independence are crucial to everyone’s well-being. It’s especially important right now for your Dad when life can feel upsetting and unpredictable. Our Comfort Matters® program helps individuals enjoy life on their own terms and in a way that honors who they are.

You can feel confident knowing everything is taken care of, the setting is secure and Dad is able to get the care and attention he needs every day. With help from Beatitudes, your family can concentrate on spending time with Dad in an enjoyable way, not worrying about and being exhausted by daily care and chores or future what-ifs.

If someone you love is having trouble thinking and remembering, you don’t have to make decisions in the dark. We’re here for you and your loved one — to answer your questions, show you your options and offer reassurance when times get tough.

To learn more about Comfort Matters® and the memory support options at Beatitudes Campus, please call us at 602.995.6133 today.