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For some, the season of giving and gratitude comes once a year. At Beatitudes Campus, it truly lasts all year long. Volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic is a great example of how our residents have shown their involvement. Hundreds of residents spend thousands of hours helping others, from tutoring students and assisting with English language translation to visiting homebound seniors and organizing sustainability projects.

Resident musicians hold live performances on campus while artists exhibit amazing artwork at Beatitudes’ Annual Art Show. Some join in parks and rail cleanup programs. Others help organize charity events.

Giving back is such a deeply important part of our senior living community that we have an entire CARECorps™ volunteer program designed to connect residents with opportunities to serve. Their impact starts right here in the Beatitudes Campus community and reaches out to local communities all around Phoenix and the state of Arizona. It’s one of the reasons Beatitudes Campus is an award-winning place to live.

Be Inspired: Learn How Residents Share Their Time & Talents
Dedicated resident volunteers use their time and talents in countless ways. Not even the pandemic can stop them because they’re Beatitudes Strong. 

Bridging The Gap With Tech
Joining a team of other residents with tech-savvy skills, Marc Adelman helps people setup and use their TVs, computers, video calls, email, cell phones and other smart devices. This year, we’ve all learned how very important technology is in keeping us connected to family and friends. 

Before the pandemic, Marc helped create the computerized tracking system for the Gaming Connection™, a special calendar that organizes all of the game and puzzle meetups happening across campus. Residents use the system every day to find fun things to do while staying safe.

Continuing Education
Residents manage and operate the Beatitudes Center for Lifelong Learning™, which features an expansive program of college-style courses taught by college professors, entrepreneurs, artists, campus staff and resident experts. Normally, the program includes three in-person semesters packed with classes. During the pandemic, resident experts have been teaching virtual classes on the closed circuit TV channel.

Giving Their Time
Like the lifelong learning program, residents manage and operate the Backstreet Boutique thrift shop, whose proceeds benefit the Beatitudes Auxiliary. Although it’s not as open as often with the pandemic, our resident volunteers are the heartbeat of this shop.

Shaping The Future
Residents serve in an array of campus organizations designed to enhance life, including the Welcome Committee, Dining Committee, Health and Wellness Committee, faith-based groups and more. 

Through the Welcome Committee, resident ambassadors help new residents settle in and find their way around. Being a part of the Ambassadors program provides potential residents a personal view of life at Beatitudes Campus.

Many residents are actively involved with The Studio, a residents’ think tank that works with the Beatitudes Campus leadership to foster and create innovative resident-driven programs for the future.

Be Impactful: Are You Looking For Ways To Show Your Gratitude & Give Back This Season?

Here are five things you can do right now while staying safe during the pandemic.

1. Donate Food & Essentials To A Community Pantry. So many individuals and families are in dire need of the basics during the pandemic, especially those working on the frontlines in grocery stores, warehouses, restaurants, food processing plants, gas stations and medical centers. Show your support and gratitude by making a drop-off donation to a community pantry near you. Better yet, let your friends and neighbors know what you’re doing and ask if they would like to contribute to make a bigger impact.

2. Give Blood. Blood is almost always in short supply at hospitals and with the pandemic the situation is getting even worse. Show your support and gratitude for health care workers by giving blood. While it may not sound like much, by doing so you’ll literally save lives. Find where to donate on the Red Cross website.

3. Ordering Takeout? Tip As If You’re Dining In. All across the country locally owned restaurants are on the brink of closing because of the effects of the pandemic. Support small businesses and their employees by ordering takeout and show your gratitude for the risk they’re taking by tipping as if you’re dining in.

4. Ask A Local School How You Can Help Disadvantaged Students. As schools move from in-person classes to remote learning, students and their families are struggling to adapt. Many students need simple things like a desk, chair or printer. Others need tutoring and help with homework. Some students are left alone while their parents work and need the reassuring voice of an adult. Show your support for educators and students caught up in this crisis by helping where you can. If you have extra office equipment and the school knows of students in need, consider donating it. If you can help with a school subject and are savvy with computers and video calling, consider tutoring a student virtually. If you have time to spare, consider joining Big Brothers Big Sisters or AmeriCorps Foster Grandparent program to keep kids company virtually while they’re alone.

5. Wear A Mask. Show your support and gratitude for all of the exhausted healthcare workers out there by wearing a mask. Lead the way in your family, among your friends and in your neighborhood. Wearing a mask is a simple step that helps protect you and others. Most importantly, if you feel sick, contact your doctor, stay home and take care of yourself. 

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