By Rodney D. Bailey, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

At Beatitudes Campus, service to others isn’t just our philosophy; it’s in our DNA. In 1965, our founders envisioned a senior living community devoted to the needs and preferences of older adults and their families. They fostered a welcoming, engaging, vibrant place to retire that instilled an atmosphere of respect and honor for its residents. An innovative concept at the time, their promise continues to influence everything we do today.

While others may talk about exceptional service, the staff at Beatitudes Campus live it. We’re devoted to making your world a little brighter, solving your challenges, and bringing more opportunities your way. Perhaps the difference isn’t simply being better at serving others, it’s knowing that those we serve are not “customers” or “clients.” For us, we’re serving our friends and neighbors.

You’ll hear plenty of stories from Beatitudes Campus residents who’ll tell you about how our chef makes wonderful meals to everyone’s liking, how quickly our maintenance team responds to requests, and how much they appreciate the golf cart shuttle across campus. I’m most proud of the out-of-the-ordinary actions we take every day that pleases a single person or couple–something no one else may ever see. To me, that’s truly going above and beyond.

Greater Heights in Retirement

One of my favorite examples is when a couple moved in with a large totem pole. Having purchased it on their honeymoon, it was a sentimental treasure. However, at the last minute on moving day, they realized the ceiling wasn’t high enough to accommodate the tall statue. On that Friday evening, the Beatitudes Campus staff quickly came together to find a solution. They did–another apartment with higher ceilings. The couple moved in as planned, and continued to enjoy the beautiful souvenir of their honeymoon.

Tea Lover

Oftentimes, exceptional service shows up in small ways. One of our residency counselors was talking with a prospective community resident who requested hot tea, which we were out of at the moment. She enjoyed the conversation and scheduled a follow-up appointment. For the prospective resident’s second visit, the residency counselor had the gift shop manager create a gift basket with herbal teas and a ceramic cup with the words “Tea Lover.” She loved the gift and added her name to our apartment reservation list. The small gift was a thoughtful reminder that we’re always listening.

Smart TV

For some residents at Beatitudes Campus, a small adjustment can solve big challenges and bring huge benefits. A Korean-American family liked the idea of their mother moving to Beatitudes Campus. However, they all were concerned about her limited ability to speak English. After their father passed away, their mother had spent more time with other Korean women, which reduced her second language skills. The family suggested that Korean television programs would give her the comfort she needed to make the move.

Beatitudes Campus was in the process of converting to DIRECTV®, which didn’t include a Korean channel. We brought together an entire team–our move-in coordinator, senior vice president of sales and marketing, chief financial officer, residency counselor, and most importantly, our IT specialist and DIRECTV® representatives–to brainstorm how to help this prospective resident. We discovered that she could stream a Korean channel with a smart TV. Our staff made it happen.

Today, the resident is happy, thriving, and rediscovering her skills when it comes to speaking English as she meets new people and enjoys activities on campus.

The Right Fit

One of Beatitudes Campus’ greatest strengths is the open and welcoming community. Diversity brings a wonderful exchange of ideas and cultures. It helps all of us–staff and residents alike–feel supported and connected.

Older adults who have lost a spouse often feel isolated and forgotten. Being around others who understand their feelings and share in their interests, can help create that sense of belonging again.

A lovely lady whose husband had passed away had retreated inward. Grief over his death along with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders made it challenging to socialize and stay active.

We heard from the lady’s financial advisor that she was interested in moving to a senior living community. Sadly, it was virtually impossible for her to make it through other community tours because of the toll the stress took on her.

Christy Marlowe, one of our residency counselors, agreed to meet with the lady and her financial advisor to talk about Beatitudes Campus. From here, I’ll let Christy, share what happened next.

“She was nervous and taking deep breaths. I learned that she attended support meetings. Once I mentioned we host weekly support meetings on campus, it was like a door opened. I told her about our Success Matters program with Jessica Myers, Director and Occupational Therapist, and Josephine Levy, Resource Navigator, assuring her that our priority is her safety and success as a resident. I invited her back to meet Jessica and take a tour of the apartments. This time, the woman was relaxed and excited. She was ready for a new beginning with the help of Beatitudes at Home, one of our support groups, in addition to companion care, activities, and opportunities that would allow her to start socializing again on her terms. I’m delighted to say she moved to our community 30 days later and is doing exceptionally well.”

As you can see, serving our friends and neighbors is our mission and our joy. We love going above and beyond every time. We invite you to see if Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, AZ is the right retirement community for you. To schedule a visit, call us at 602.910.2795. We’re always delighted to share more great stories like these.