seniors planning to move into retirement home

With time on your side, the idea of moving to a senior living community with a vibrant lifestyle and helpful services feels liberating and inspiring. Considering a move is a big step, how do you make the transition as easy as possible? Here are tips from the senior living experts at Beatitudes Campus.

#1 Explore your options

Start by identifying your biggest considerations and preferences, including financial, location, lifestyle, culture and access to healthcare and assisted living. Then do your research by visiting communities, talking to residents and staff and asking lots of questions. Look for ways to sort fact from fiction. Be sure to compare the advantages of an entrance fee versus the benefits of flexible, month-to-month renting and weigh them against your goals and expectations.

#2 Seek guidance from experts

As you explore the possibilities, seek guidance and advice from trusted sources, including your friends, family, financial advisor, tax accountant and clergy, if applicable. MyLifeSite, a web resource created by senior living expert and author Brad Breeding, offers an excellent primer on the basics of retirement communities.

At Beatitudes Campus, we’ve helped thousands of older adults during retirement planning to get the future they want. From our Cost Calculator to a personal assessment tool, you’ll find a variety of senior living resources designed to help you make the best decision possible.

If you’re wondering when to make your move, check out our blog on timing your move. If you’re like Marta and Tom Brooks and not ready to make a move just yet, Beatitudes Campus’ future Promenade Residences could provide the right timing.

#3 Choose what you love

Just because you’re moving, your routines and hobbies shouldn’t have to change. As you’re exploring retirement communities in Arizona, look for places that appeal to you. Double-check that your top choices offer flexible dining so it’s easy for you to enjoy a great meal with friends when and how you want and that you have access to a wide variety of life-enriching programs, amenities and activities for seniors. As a comparison, Beatitudes Campus offers multiple on-campus dining venues and some 100 activities, special community events, programs and amenities every month. If you like to learn and expand your skills, check to see if the community provides lifelong learning opportunities.

#4 Plan ahead for moving day

Planning ahead is the single best way to ensure an easy transition to a new retirement community. At Beatitudes Campus, we make sure your moving day goes well by partnering with Moving Station® to bring you expert moving advice and coordination at no cost. Your Personal Relocation Manager is with you every step of the way to answer your questions and help you find trusted resources for selling your home for the best price, organizing and downsizing, planning your move and more.

If you’re ready to start planning, our Quick Start Senior Living Guide is an excellent resource. It offers advice on setting your expectations and provides an overview of your options, tips on how to plan your move and more.

With a little planning, soon you could be enjoying a retirement with a shorter to-do list, easy, comfortable living and fun and fulfilling activities close at hand. To learn more about Beatitudes Campus, schedule a visit or plan your move with one of our residency counselors, call us today at 602.833.1358 or contact us through our online form below.